Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

In rushing, rising rivulets. Once again, the DC metro area was awash in rain. We got nearly 8 inches in two days, just several days after being inundated. There was nowhere for the water to go but into our basements. Yay. Much time was spent mopping. Mr. T got soaked trying to rig up an irrigation and diversion system (which eventually worked).

For the last two days, Jr. Jr.'s first words upon getting off the bus in the afternoon are "Is the Wii here yet?" Isn't it sweet how he just wants his mother to get a new video game system, so he can sit quietly and watch?

I've finished the "skirt" portion of the Dayflower Lace camisole:

I thought about making it a half or a whole repeat longer, but decided against it. It feels heavy, and it's a cotton blend yarn, so I think it will stretch out lengthwise. If I leave it alone, it should end up the right length. I don't want it to end up around my knees. After this, there's a bind off/pickup thing that goes on to make an underbust ridge. It's a baseball night, so I'm not sure if I'll get to that this evening. Otherwise, I'll just keep working on my Thelonious socks:

The pattern is fun and the yarn (Shibuiknits sock) is divine.

I'm resisting the lure of the lace yarn. I signed up for the Mystic Meadows shawl KAL, to see if I could rid my metaphorical mouth of the bad taste of the Mystery Lace KAL. The Mystic Meadows KAL is being designed/run by a woman 1) who's run KALs before; 2) who's designed pretty shawls before; and therefore 3) this shouldn't be a fiasco. So I'll wait to see how I like the design before I go casting on willy nilly for something else. A swatch has been promised for sometime next week. Hopefully that will give me a little hint about the pattern.

Holy Hellacious Junta, Batman

The situation in Myanmar gets more and more distressing every day. Apparently, the state-run goverment told the people to expect rain and 45 mph winds, so very few people understood the seriousness of the situation. It is inconceivable to me that the rulers of the country would refuse international aid in times like this. The people are suffering from lack of food, shelter, safe drinking water, medical aid, and more. People across the world are willing to provide as much help as needed, but the government is refusing it. (Even slower on the ball than Bush with Katrina, eh?) It takes real paranoia to let so many of your people die rather than let other nations get a glimpse of how you rule. My normal instinct in these cases is to donate to Doctors Without Borders. They're also seeing what they can do to aid the victims of the earthquake in China. It appears from their website that their supplies have been getting into Myanmar, which is heartening news. If you haven't already done something to help, please do.

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kippi said...

Your sweater is lovely!

My lonely Thelonius is the exact same color.

Burma and China, both such sad stories. At least China is asking and wanting help. The Burma thing is horrible.

Ugh. HRC says she is taking it to the buzzer. It always goes wrong at the sports analogies. ick.