Monday, May 19, 2008

What is that Glowing Object in the Sky?

The "sun," you say? Is that what it is? It's been so long, I forgot what it looked like. Yes, sarcasm aside, today it is bright and sunny in a way that it hasn't been in a long time. Yesterday we sat huddled in the rain, watching baseball. I was wearing a sweatshirt and a jacket. And it's the middle of MAY. Usually by now it's well up into the 80s here. This weekend is Memorial Day, and the POOL is supposed to open.

Anyway, here's what the Dayflower Lace cami looked like before the weekend (don't know why blogger rotated the picture and I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix it):

And here's what the Dayflower Lace cami looked like after the weekend:

Now, you may say, "Why, Loren, there's no discernable difference between the two. Does this mean that you didn't get any time in between baseball games to knit?" Au contraire, my friends. I took the version in the top picture to try on and it was waaaaaay too big. I'm knitting the medium size, which is 37 inches around, and my bust is 36 inches around. Gauge is accurate, but I think this sweater really needs a closer fit around the bust. (The small is 33 inches at the bust, which would be too tight for me.) So I ripped it back and increased 10 fewer stitches. I'm afraid to go try it on in case it's still too big. Since I have to get the kids from the bus stop in a little bit and rush through homework and dinner before yet another baseball game, I'm not sure I'll get to it today. Finding out it's still too big is something that can wait for a time when I can throw a good tantrum in privacy, so as not to reveal to my children that I can sometimes be not quite as mature as a mom should be. Shhh. Let's keep that our little secret, ok?

Because of all the rain, we must make up all missed baseball games before the playoffs start. Playoffs start next week! So we have games today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. No games over Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure someone will pop a game in on Wednesday, just to even it out.

On a braggy note, the coach on the opposing team we played this weekend, the team that's undefeated and ran right over us, told Mr. T that he was very impressed with Sr. Jr.'s playing and pitching, and would be voting for him to be named to the Little League All-Star Team! (More baseball....)


Scott T. said...

I don't know that he said that exactly. He just took note of Jake's name and said he'd take note of him for the All Star picking. I wouldn't say he is a declared super delegate yet. It was more my interpretation of the converstaion and the implication of what he said.

Anonymous said...

We too had a weekend of soccer and lacrosse, as well as a car wash at my son Jacob's middle school (Kenmore). I was very cranky by Sunday night because, while I crochet at all these games, I can't really work on any complicated projects. Watching the game while crocheting is the easy part; socializing with the other parents derails my train of thought though. So, it was games, a Girl Scout awards ceremony, a school car wash, Hebrew school on Sunday morning, and then a work-related barbecue event Sunday night. Oy--I need a day off of work to do nothing but knit and crochet!--Sharon Arlington

Anonymous said...

Sorry--I don't mean to monopolize your comments page, but I read back to you entries for the past couple of weeks, and have a couple of comments. Thanks for the little review of Susan Choi's book; it's on my list. I just finished "The Penelopiad" by Margaret Atwood. I'm an Atwood groupie, so anything she writes passes muster with me. At the same time, I finished Doris Lessing's "The Cleft," which I really wanted to like, but did not. I love all of Lessing's old stuff (especially the Martha Quest series and the Golden Notebook), but this book was just weird.

I disagree with you about Hilary, but can respect your feelings. Obama is such a neophyte politically; I just feel we need someone with experience in the WH, even if she can be vicious. Goodness has never prevailed in politics--it's a dirty game.

I admire you for not stepping out and yelling at the woman with Golden Retriever. Someone has been going up and down my street letting air out of the tires of SUV's (I only drive a Jeep Liberty!), and I feel so violated. I ride my freaking bike to work one day/week; work from home 2 days/week; and only drive to Old Town Alexandria two days/week, so I'm doing my part already to diminish my carbon footprint. Sheesh.--Sharon Arl.

kippi said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I did think the photos looked the same and am amazed that you could rip and redo so quickly. What kept you from ripping the entire thing out and tossing it aside? (can you tell that is what I would have done?)

You have to make up all those missed games? How does that work? And do you have to make them up for both boys' teams?

YAY for sunshine. :-)

Loren T said...

Hi, Sharon! Sounds like you had an even busier weekend than we did. Hebrew school ended for us last Wednesday, so at least we didn't have that on top of all of our other activities. I gave up on bringing knitting to games. I get too into the games and spend a lot of time talking to the other parents, so no knitting was getting done. I'll have to check out that Atwood book. The last thing I read of hers was "The Robber Bride."

I agree with you that Hillary has a lot of political experience. Back before the VA primary, when I was really wavering between the candidates, that was the issue that I kept coming back to in her favor, even defending her against critics who claimed that being First Lady didn't count as experience. As the campaign has worn on, however, she's managed to alienate me. I certainly think she'd make a better President than what we have now, and I'd vote for her over John McCain if that's how things shake out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too will wholeheartedly support either candidate (Obama or Hilary) who gets the nomination. McCain seems like a nice man, but he's too conservative for me. As for Bush, well, I wouldn't want to get censored by my federal agency!

Politics and reading aside, your work is very beautiful. I especially love that Equestrian Blazer. You seem to have a real eye for detail. You inspire me to give knitted socks a try, too. Last winter, I took a class at Aylin's Woolgatherer to learn how to knit socks. I was humming along on sock #1 and it came out very well, albeit too short! My daughter won't wear it due to the wool content (too itchy). I lost heart after that. I didn't trust my frogging skills (not with knitting) and felt too discouraged to start over again.

Maybe next winter, though! I knitted my first set of mittens last winter and while a Herculean labor, they came out nicely and I wore them all winter. I've crocheted for 40 of my (almost) 50 years, so it's really much more bred in the bone for me than knitting. Knitting makes me feel insecure and Lord knows I have enough opporunity for that elsewhere in life!