Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Business and New Business

I can't believe it's May already. This school year is flying by. But it's still cold!

I've decided to turn away from the shawls temporarily. I can't find the exact right fit of pattern and yarn right now, and I don't want to force it. I ripped out the Luna Moth that I had started because I think I would prefer it in an airier yarn. There are a couple of patterns I like (Anne Hanson's Casino Shawl, another shawl that she's blogged about but hasn't finished the pattern for, and the Spring Things shawl), but not with the current crop of yarns in my stash. Fortunately for me, this weekend is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Hopefully I can find yarns to inspire me.

Meanwhile, I remembered a shell that I had been working on last year, but dropped when I got sick and then too busy to knit. It's the Fitted Tank from the Summer 2007 Knitter's (I know, but occasionally there's something inoffensive that slips past the powers that be). I was using Knitpicks Shine Sport in cream and sage. I discovered that I'd finished all the knitting, grafted the shoulder seams, and left it to age.

I think I might have been concerned that it would be a little shorter and more fitted than I like. Tonight or tomorrow, I'll finish the seaming, weave in the ends, and block it. It's going to be tank weather soon, anyway (I hope; it's chilly here now), so I might as well have it. Hopefully it will fit.

I really like Shine sport yarn. It's very soft and holds up well. I did a lot of swatching with it over the past two years, sometimes ripping out and reknitting the same yarn five times, and it never pilled or looked worn. I have a lot of it in my stash, so.....

I trolled around Ravelry looking for something lacy to tempt me, and I found Knititude's Dayflower Lace camisole. It's a really cute pattern! I got out some more Shine Sport, this time in the Cloud color, swatched, and cast on:

Not a lot to look at yet, but I think this will go quickly.

I do still want to design my own lace shawl, but that will have to wait for more time and inspiration. I'm sure I'll come back from MD S&W this weekend with lots of the latter. Plus, the Summer IK just arrived. As for the former, well, that's never a given.

In the non-knitting realm, I can offer a movie recommendation. Mr. T and I watched "Lars and the Real Girl" this weekend and it was great! The premise makes it sound like it could be a farce, or a very dirty Farrelly movie, but it was quite heartwarming and sweet, with a low-key humor.

On the WTF? front, there's CNN's new t-shirt business. I noticed that next to some of the headlines on, there's a little t-shirt symbol. If you click on it, you can order a t-shirt with that headline on it. Do people really want t-shirts that say "Mom-to-be charged with another DUI"? I could understand an Onion headline, but that? Really? Why? Are they that hard up?


Scott T. said...

AAAAAHHHHHH, NOOOOOOO! You tore up the lingerie.
Well, I approve of the Dayflower Lace Camisole; but I don't know about that color. I thought was what the orange was for. Go with something brighter for summer.

True up on the Lars & the Real Girl. I also really liked Juno.

Anonymous said...

I assume Scott is your husband and not some lurker with a yarn fetish. Now that I know you're a fellow Arlingtonian, I will leave comments. I really do love your blog, but your knitting skills intimidate me.

I share your politics and literature taste too.


Sharon S. (from Ravelry)

Loren T said...

Hi, Sharon!

Can you imagine having a husband who did have a yarn fetish? "Oooh, honey, let's go... yarn shopping!" There could be some definite advantages :)

I peeked at your projects, and your doilies are so beautiful! I wish I could crochet like that.

Take care,

Scott T. said...

Yes, but one distinct disadvantage would be that while you'd get to go yarn shopping together, you'd be celibate.