Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unclear on the Concept

Today is Mother's Day, a day to bask in the love of one's family, to be appreciated for all that I do, etc. blah blah blah. We all went out for a nice dinner last night to celebrate. The boys woke me up with gifts this morning. Jr. Jr. gave me a great plate that he'd made from a "decorate your own plate" kit that says "Mom's a star." It's really cute. Sr. Jr. went with the tried-and-true Godiva truffles. Mr. T gave me a nice card with a certificate inside letting me know that he'd ordered me a ...... wait for it ...... Wii. Yup. A Wii. I'll have hours of fun watching the boys play! Yay! (Later, they were outside playing with our neighbor's basketball hoop, and I suggested that we get one of our own, and we could make it my birthday present.)*

As I said in my last post, I've finished the STR sock club socks, and since the next installment hasn't arrived yet, I was getting itchy to start knitting some socks. I wanted to knit with a sock yarn I hadn't tried yet, so I rooted around in the stash and found some heavenly looking and feeling Shibuiknits sock yarn in Peony, and cast on for the brilliant Cookie A's Thelonious sock.

Not much to look at yet, but I am alternating between this and the Dayflower Lace cami. The yarn is buttery soft and the color is so vibrant! I love semisolid sock yarns, because they satisfy my love for hand-dyed yarns and visual interest without overwhelming whatever patterns I want to knit. Mmmm.

Speaking of brilliant, Anne Hanson over at Knitspot has just released a beautiful shawl pattern, the Star of Evening Shawl. I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw her first little swatch, so I snapped it up as soon as I realized it was available. I think THIS is what I will knit with my Lanas Puras Melosa that started out as the ill-fated Luna Moth shawl from a week or so ago. Her blog is one of my favorites, too.

I finished the book I mentioned in the last post (After You'd Gone, by Maggie O'Farrell), and it was every bit as moving as I thought it would be. I cried at the end. Must go find more of her work, or find some way to encourage her to produce more!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there!

* Don't worry about the gift situation. I'm very happy to have something that will make the boys happy. Plus, I did order some special stuff for myself that should arrive in 4-6 weeks... just in time for my birthday ;)


Scott T. said...

You have been saying how you thought we should get a wii (not entirely for the boys; you said you heard it was fun and you wanted to play).

Anyway, you're not my mother. She got last minute flowers and a late card.

I'm sure your orders will arrive just in time for Father's Day

kippi said...

You will LOVE the wii. Seriously. Besides if it is yours you have permanent dibs so can kick the boys off whenever you want to play. (note to Scott: pick up Mario Kart and a steering wheel for each family member. trust me, you all will want to race...oh and spring for a remote for each person too as family bowling is more fun if each person has their own remote). That is soooo exciting. I'm not ashamed to say I played my wii today. Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. Too much fun, seriously.

And the plate? awwwww. I love gifts like that. So sweet and thoughtful.

I wondered if you would like Anne's new piece. When I saw it I thought of your lonely, rejected yarn. It is an interesting that she took the edging all the way around. Very, very pretty piece.

I've made one Thelonius sock. It is pretty. and Lonely.

I'm going to check out that book. I wish it was kindle ready. :-( I love my kindle.