Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Alas, not a very exciting birthday. It's the kids' last full day of school, and Sr. Jr.'s first day of practice for the all-star tournament. That's him in the middle of the picture above at the game on Saturday.

My birthday vow is to knit from stash this year. And none of this "sock yarn doesn't count as stash" crap, either. I hope I can do it. (I reserve the right to spend the $50 birthday check from my MIL on yarn, however.) (This also does not count the yarn that I've special-ordered, but hasn't arrived yet, because that was ordered back around Mother's Day.) (I reserve the right to reserve some more rights, too.)

Now to the sock yarn guessing game: My husband? The man who's lived with me for 17 years and knows me better than anyone? WRONG. Sorry, dude. I wanted to knit with a yarn I hadn't knit with for a while. Ikkinlala was close. She got the right brand, just the wrong colorway. So the prize (which consists solely of being right) goes to Kippi! I picked the Fleece Artist yarn that had a little pink in it.

The last Fleece Artist I knit with was a very light blend of yellows and ivories. It's been washed in warm water a few times, which may have caused the fading. The yarn is very soft, and the colors are pretty, so I'm going to give it another chance, only washing it in cold water this time. I'm not sure what, if any, pattern I'll add to this sock, only that it will be easy enough for me to do without any sort of chart. I want this to be my portable, mindless knitting, after all.

I know this is a short post, but since it IS my last bit of free time for a while, I'm going to go knit now :)


Scott T. said...

Happy Birthday, babe.

My ability to accurately predict sock color choice is no indicator of my love or devotion. I just didn't think you'd go for something quite so pastel-ish. I knew you wouldn't go for brown during the summer, so I figured maybe the blu-ish choice. I was wrong. I should be punished ;-)

kippi said...


Happy Birthday! You are allowed to have as many changes as you wish to your no yarn rule. :-)

Yay, I win! Aw, poor Scott is cruisin' for a bruisin'. ahem, this is a family blog, right?

Can't wait to see how that sock looks when you get further. I see it is toe up. :-( do you always knit with two circs? I'm a magic loop girl.

Hope you have a fantastic birthday. If I'd known I would have baked you a cake.

Sharon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm right behind you--I turn 50 on the 29th! I'm guessing you're well behind me, as you look much younger than me from your ravelry photos! Your boys are adorable!

Good luck with the stash project. I'm working with my 10 year old again on crochet, so last week we made a cupcake amigurumi and are working on another critter this week. Great stash busters. But I try not to be too vocal about my vows to go on a yarn diet--I've lost all credibility in this house due to my recurrent "lapses."

Hope you had a splendid day on Wednesday.


Loren T said...

Welcome back, Sharon!

Cupcake amirigumi sound adorable? Will you put them up on your Ravelry project page? It must be nice to have a girl to share the craft with. My boys have no interest whatsoever in learning to knit. Oh, well, more yarn for me!

Happy Birthday in advance, too!