Monday, June 9, 2008

Something Easy and Fun to Tide Me Over

As the end of the school year approaches, my knitting time necessarily slows down. Beyond all the end-of-the-year parties and activities, there are only a few days this summer where both boys have activities at the same time. So I need something easy, yet satisfying, to pull me through the summer without tearing my hair out.

I had been trying to come up with a lace shawl design of my own, with a lot of futile swatching to show for it. I have hit upon one or two patterns that I like, but I really won't have the time or the energy to spare during the summer. So I cast on for Anne Hanson's Star of Evening Triangle. The pattern is quite simple, with an edging that is knit along with the body. Here are a couple of pictures of what I've done so far:

I'm using Melosa lace weight in midnight. It's a singles yarn, so I'm wary of blocking it too hard. It's soft and the color is gorgeous, however. It'll make a nice warm shawl, as opposed to a light and airy one, but that's ok.

It's still really freaking hot here. It's supposed to be near 100 degrees today, and that's without the heat index. Luckily, baseball is over for now, so it'll be a quiet afternoon.

Sr. Jr. made the Little League All-Star team! The only problem is that we're supposed to be away on vacation during part of the time the tournament takes place, so we're not sure he'll be able to play. I hope we can work it out, though, because it will be a lot of fun for him. Apparently, the Arlington All-Stars play other local All-Star teams and lose. Just being picked and being able to play will be great.

I had an interesting encounter this morning at the supermarket. The checkout man asked me if I thought all the storms and earthquakes around the world were due to global warming. I said that I wasn't sure if the storms were a result of global warming, but that I was sure the earthquakes weren't. I also said that I do believe that global warming is taking place. He then informed me that I was wrong. Global warming has nothing to do with any of this. It's all about Planet X, which was foretold in the Bible, not as Planet X, but as something called "Wormwood." He told me to Google this, and I'd learn a lot. I think not.

I think I'll whip up a big pot of chili to ward off the heat :)


kippi said...

Your shawl is beautiful! The color is really pretty.

Huzzah for Sr. Jr. making the all star team!

Huzzah for Wormwood! okay, maybe not but I will be googling this in a minute. It is good to know that all the crazy people don't live here which is what it seems most days. Didn't you, for just a minute, want to tell him all about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

anne said...

the shawl looks great! i stretched mine quite a bit when i blocked with no problem. it's lightweight, but warm.

Loren T said...

Thanks, Anne! I realy do love the pattern.