Sunday, June 8, 2008

This Interruption Brought to You by Mother Nature

... Just another way in which Nature says, "I hate you."

Big storms with tornados slammed through the DC metro area on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Before the storm even really got here, our lights went out. This happens. Usually, they come back on pretty quickly. Not Wednesday. They stayed off. And stayed off. Wednesday night we bailed the sump pump manually to keep the basement from flooding. (And I had just told Mr. T that we should get a battery back up for that pump, too.) We spent several hours filling buckets and dumping them. By 10:30, the storms abated, so we went to bed, expecting that power would be restored sometime in the night.

No such luck. Power stayed out all day Thursday. We scrupulously kept all refrigerators and freezers closed, trying to save the food. Luckily, it cooled off enough at night to make sleeping comfortable.

Not so on Friday, when the heat wave began. The electric company predicted that power would be back on by 10 pm Friday, so we sucked it up for one more night, eating out yet again. However, it was hot and sticky, and nightfall provided no relief. 10 pm came and went, and the power was still out. I struggled to sleep in the heat and humidity.

At about 3 am, the power finally came back on. We ran around the house, shutting the windows and firing up the air conditioner. Saturday morning we emptied the refrigerators and the deep freeze, because nothing was salvageable. We went to the supermarket to replace as much as we could.

Fun times.

In other news, Sr. Jr.'s team lost in its second playoff game. The team played well in the field, but couldn't get any offense going. I think they felt good about how they played the game, even though they lost, because their opponents were very good. One season, finished (except for the All-Star game, if Sr. Jr. makes the team).

Jr. Jr. had his final game yesterday in the searing heat. Temps got up near 100, with a heat index around 105. After the game we went to the pool to cool off, and then to the Nats game to get all sweaty again.

I'm sorry that there's no knitting content. It's hard to knit in the dark. The school year is ending, which means that there are many school activities packed into the day -- the first grade play (adorable!), class picnics, etc. Once school ends, knitting time is pretty scarce. Maybe I'll get some socks done this summer, but probably not much else. Either way, I'll post about it.

Now that our power's been restored and life is slowly moving back to normal, hopefully I'll have something more interesting to show and share as the week moves on.


Scott T. said...

Don't give up on the knitting just yet. I think there are a lot of people that look to your blog for insightful and creative ideas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you lost all your food. :-( The only upside I see in this is that you didn't have to do dishes for three days. :-)

Happy nearly end of school! What will you do with your time when school is out and baseball is over?

Did you ever decide for certain as to what to do with the blue lace yarn? Oh, and if you are interested, I would love a tutorial/explanation on what it means to 'pick up and knit'. does this mean to just pick up the stitch, or do you pick it up and actually knit it and then move on to pick up another? I've seen varying explanations and don't know the pros/cons of doing either method.