Friday, June 20, 2008

Scenes from the End of School

This was from today's pizza party -- a mad crush of fifth graders with sugar rushes:

Here's Jr. Jr., having fun in the sack race at the first grade picnic:

And in his usual position, surrounded by girls (the kid's a chick magnet):

Here's the goofy grad with the other T family menfolk. Sr. Jr. was not amused to have to dress up for graduation, but he looked very handsome!

This week has been a mad crush of activity, with fun and sadness. Most of the kids had a great time with all the activities, but a local 8th grader died suddenly over the weekend. A lot of our kids have older siblings who were friends with her. This has been a really tough year for our little community.

Jr. Jr. cried when he got off the bus today because he was sad that school was ending. ("This summer's going to be so boring!" he said on the way home from the bus stop. "I'm already bored!") I'm happy that he liked school so much. His teacher was new to the school and she was absolutely fantastic. I'm sorry that we won't be able to have her again.

Sr. Jr. is very ready to move on to middle school. Our elementary school splits off into two different middle schools. Luckily for Sr. Jr., most of his friends are going to his middle school.

Of course, they'll all see each other at camps and at the pool over the summer.

I, however, am not ready to be the mother of a middle school kid.

As for knitting, I've been averaging about two rows a day on the Star of Evening Shawl. Between the school activities and the baseball practice schedule, I haven't been home much. I'll have to make some progress soon or this blog will morph from Still Life with Yarn into Tales of a Suburban Madwoman.


Scott T. said...

oh, sweet mother of god, I look like steaming rabid monkey crap. Take it down or you'll hear from my lawyers. That shirt is bad bad color for me.

I have to say, Tales of a Suburban Madwoman sounds a lot more interesting that Still Life With Yarn. She would have her sidekick/husband Rabid Monkey Crap Man, and her sons Putz Face and The Ladies Man. She would battle the evil forces of Wii (the international mind control syndicate). And she'd wear a tight unitard and thigh high boots. Yes, I see a summer blockbuster in the making.

Scott T. said...

Further thoughts: I look at the top picture and I swear I can hear Don Henley's "End of the Innocence" playing.

Middle school, the embodiment of my every wake-with-a-cold-sweat nightmare. The time when they will discover that life sucks and people suck more.

It's a miracle I'm not bitter or anything ;-)

kippi said...

Love this post! The smiling, happy children and the bittersweet journey of growing up for both parent and child. The family picture is hilarious and maybe clearly describes each personality?

Ah, Scott, you describe middle school so well. And let me tell you that for a parent it is an equally bad, if not worse, experience. The upside is it is only 3 years.

No knitting here either. The Summer doldrums have struck with a vengeance. It is too hot to even think.