Friday, November 14, 2008

Makes a Mother Proud

We'll get to that story in a minute. First of all, even though there's been only a miniscule amount of knitting this week, I do have a progress picture to show you. I've finished the first sleeve of the Simple Knitted Bodice, and started the second. I'm just starting the lace patterning on the second sleeve. Here's the overly bright flash version:

I remain skeptical about the length of this sweater. I'll be holding my breath until it comes out of its soak and I see how it blocks. In all other ways, I love this sweater. I love the yarn. I adore the color. I'm clearly in a deep red mood these days, because, even with all the time that I spend with this yarn, I still find myself ogling deep red yarns as much as I can. I will have a bunch of this yarn left over when the sweater is done, so I can extend the pleasure by knitting some mittens and/or a hat. But I also need to knit Sr. Jr. a hat, finish my MIL's socks, and go back to drooling over the shawls in Knitted Lace of Estonia...

Local business shout out: A couple of weeks ago, Mr. T gave me some chocolates from Artisan Confections, an artisanal chocolate maker located not far from us on Lee Highway in Arlington. I freely admit to being a chocolate snob. I've been lucky enough to have had some amazing chocolates from all over the world. To me, mediocre chocolate just isn't worth eating. I'd been curious about Artisan Confections for a while, but never managed to go in.

Wow. These chocolates are among the best I've ever tasted. Even flavors that I thought I wouldn't like thrilled me. The flavors and combinations are subtle yet deep at the same time. I quickly ate the four that Mr. T got me, then realized that I had a friend coming in from out of town who would definitely benefit from some gift chocolates, so I had an excuse to go to the shop and get some more. If you're local, check it out. If you're not local, they ship... and the holidays are coming up :)

The Title Story

Yesterday was already going to be a busy day. I had a brunch get-together with the playgroup moms, and a doctor's appointment right afterward (still no cancer!). I left the house early and stayed away almost all day. I pulled into the driveway at 2:30, thinking that it was a good thing that tennis would be rained out. Sr. Jr. would head to a friend's, instead of rushing home for tennis. I had about an hour to have a cup of tea, read the paper, and relax before I'd have to get Jr. Jr. As I was sitting in the car, my phone rang. It was the nurse's office at the elementary school.

Apparently Jr. Jr. and a friend, having nothing better to do at school, were messing around. They decided to take their scissors and cut up their pencil erasers. Jr. Jr.'s friend showed Jr. Jr. how he put pieces of pencil eraser in his ear. So Jr. Jr. decided to get in on the fun.

Yup. My super genius kid got pencil eraser stuck in his ear. So I went straight to school to pick him up and run him over to the doctor's office to have the eraser removed. Luckily, it wasn't in far, so there was no damage and it was removed easily.

I just looked at him and said, "What were you thinking?" "I wasn't," he replied.

We've been calling him Eraserhead ever since.


Scott T. said...

I just can't get over how way off the color is when you take the picture of that sweater; try it on a different background; maybe it's the color of the bench.

kippi said...

HA HA HA that eraser story is very funny.

Your sweater is beautiful. I know what you mean about the length; it looks kind of weird not on the body, but on, the dimensions are correct. Or they were for me anyway. I can't wait to see the final photo in natural light because that sweater does not look like deep red at all.

I'm not a chocolate lover, sorry to say. So fantastic though that you now have a place to get your cravings satisfied.

So nice to have you back posting. Missed you!

Sharon said...

Well, I was drooling over the sweater and the chocolates story (I've never been either, but wondered; I WILL be going over there on Saturday) and then feeling worried about your reference to "no cancer"????? (feeling alarmed), and then feeling your worry over your son, but when I got to the last line about calling him "Eraserhead," I almost fell off my chair laughing. You are showing your age (actually it's more a movie for MY age) though--I can only think of a few people I know who would catch that reference.

I just got back from Arrow Wine where I buy my wine, chocolate, and cheese usually. Anyway, I also picked up four bars of holiday-packaged "Hanukkah Nosh!" Chocolate--"Celebrating 8 nights of Chocolate" (3.5 oz. of all natural kosher dark chocolate) the label says. It was the packaging that made me buy it--for Hebrew school teachers and the like. Even though they were $5.00 a bar, I doubt it meets my standards. For one thing, ony 55% dark chocolate.

Loren T said...


Aw, I used to stop at Arrowine whenever I took the kids for new shoes at Bradshaw's or bought presents at KinderHaus. They had some nice bottles of Port. I never knew they had Chanukah treats. Let me know what you think of the Artisan chocolates.

I watched "Eraserhead" countless times as a teenager. It definitely contributed to my warped outlook on life.

Scott T. said...

I hated Eraserhead. Unwatchable. Good thing David Lynch improved after that