Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Monk Wears No Shoes

And the eagle flies at midnight. Actually, according to Mr. T, who saw him again this morning, the Newspaper Monk wears no shoes. Given that it was in the mid 30s this morning and raining, I conclude that he's nuts AND dedicated. I'm considering leaving him some homemade cookies or something, but it's hard to predict which days he comes.

I have some more FO pictures to show you: the Chevalier Mittens:

Here's one, flashless, but being worn:

They are comfy, soft, and warm. I recommend this pattern for a nice gift, or a little self-indulgence.

Specs: Pattern: Chevalier Mittens, by Mari Muinonen. Yarn: Dream in Color Classy, In Vino Veritas color, about 1/2 a skein. Needle size: US 6.

And now I am once again afflicted with ennui, malaise, attitudious maleficus, lack of mojo, etc. All I've been able to do this Thanksgiving "vacation" is swatch one lace pattern for use in a smoke ring, but I didn't like it once it was knit up in the yarn I was using. I have two or three other possibilities, but I haven't had time to swatch them. I'm not thrilled with what I'm doing. Unless a lace pattern really sings to me in this yarn, I'm going to abandon the project and try to find something new to do.

This state of mind extends beyond knitting, too. I'm not reading anything that's really capturing my interest right now. I'm avoiding buying books because I plan to get a Kindle* eventually, and I want to save some trees. There's nothing (other than the Kindle) that I can think of that I want for the holidays, either. There's been little time for knitting and absolutely no time for exercise, so I feel flabby and out of shape.

I know. Whine, whine. Woe is me. (Violin playing motions here.)

* I've been holding off on ordering the Kindle because there are rumors that version 2.0 is being released soon after the new year. Then I thought I'd order one, then order the new one when it's released and give the old one to Mr. T, who gets most of his reading material from me anyway. Of course, now there's a waiting list and none will be available until after the holidays anyway.

Does anyone out there in reader-land know anything more about this mythical Kindle 2.0, like a possible release date? Is it really almost ready for release, or is it still a work in progress? Thanks!


Scott T. said...

do not encourage him; the first time I saw him he was wearing something on his feet. clearly nuts

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous mitts! I hope that you get out of your funk and find something fun to knit (and read!)

kippi said...

I was going to suggest leaving the monk slippers instead of cookies, but Scott says that he does own some sort of footwear. Not all can say there they have a neighborhood monk. funny, yet strange.

The mitts are gorgeous!

I have no clue about the Kindle 2.0 and have heard nothing about it. I ADORE my kindle as you know. I do know that there were rumors of a 2.0 at the beginning of 2008, but they were just that. I'll let you know if I find out anything.

hope your mojo returns. did you seen Anne's new mitts? they are lovely. Can't wait to see what you decide on the smoke ring. Those are so beautiful.

MRS MJW said...

Your red mittens are lovely. Nice job.

Loren T said...

Thanks, Mrs. MJW!