Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Life, Already in Progress

Whew. It feels weird to have the election over with, doesn't it? Mr. T asked me what I was going to do now that it's over. Easy. What I usually do... cook, clean, knit, carpool kids around, say "No" to the umpteen requests for candy/video games/serious weaponry. This morning I went through my Ravelry groups and left most of the political ones. No more obsessively checking 538. The knot in the pit of my stomach, gone. No more nasty political ads!

I finished knitting the body of the Simple Knitted Bodice, and started the first sleeve. I'm just at the point on the sleeve where I'll start the lace pattern.

Here's a close-up pattern of the lace panel:

This one was taken without a flash.

The sweater looks small and short. I keep telling myself to Trust The Swatch. It will grow. It told me so. I hope to have sleeve 1 finished sometime tomorrow, but I'm not going to take bets on that. It will be a pretty knit-free weekend, so don't expect to see FO pictures on this anytime soon.

Then I have to decide what to knit next. Estonian Lace perhaps? There are a couple of possibilities in the book that would look beautiful in the Yarn Chef yarn I got a little while back. I promised Sr. Jr. a knit hat, too. Fingerless gloves would be nice, now that the weather's getting colder. We keep the house pretty cool, so fingerless gloves would be nice for knitting, and sitting at the computer in the even-colder study. Plus, I still have to finish more socklets for my MIL.

Where is that bottle of time that kippi mentioned?


Scott T. said...

"say "No" to the umpteen requests for candy/video games/serious weaponry"
You never let me do/have anything.

um, what color is that sweater? Neither picture is the same and neither looks like what I think is the color of what you've been knitting

Sharon said...

The lace pattern is beautiful. I'm wondering what color it is, too. The "red"version looks like the Arrows shawl I'm finishing up in Malabrigo lace.

Yes, it is a bit of a letdown now that all the excitement is over. But oh what a sweet letdown! Maybe it's my imagination, but I think I see a new sense of pride and self worth in the faces and in the set of the shoulders of most of the African Americans at work. I love it! As most of us are saying, I'm proud of my country and I'm proud of this next generation rising up. It was their vote that clinched it.

I'll follow the cabinet appointments very closely. The federal government is all atwitter about the upcoming transitions. As a long time federal employee, that part of a new president is tiresome. All these hubristic new folks who come in, usually to crash and burn quickly, while the backbone of us continue to toil faithfully in our obscurity.

I can't wait to post the Arrows shawl on Ravelry. I'll let you know when it's there. My first "real" lace project.


kippi said...

Hey, we're at the exact same spot in our sweater knitting! Yours looks fabulous. I've decided to go with short sleeves for mine because I'll get much more wear out of it. Two months of 'winter' (ha) is about what we have. Leaving off the lace bits on the sleeve because it looks silly. Are you going with the bell at the bottom?

Chanting over here as well....'trust the swatch, trust the swatch.' Doesn't stop a bit of teeth gnashing though.

Doesn't look like the first appts of the President-Elect are 'change'. huh. Hopefully he can withstand the political machine and not be beholden to those who helped get him there. Namely Pelosi (ugh).

Remember what I told you about the bailouts and the automakers? yah, look what is happening. People think the economic crisis is bad now, just wait, unfortch.

So we do what we must....knit and cook. :-)

Loren T said...


It's odd, but I don't really feel a letdown. I feel relaxed and optimistic, even in the face of more bad economic news. I don't think I'm the only one, either.

The color of this sweater is very hard to capture. It's not as bright a red as the flash picture shows, and not nearly as blue/purpley as the non-flash picture shows. It's a dark red with a purple undertone. I think when the sweater is done and we can get pics of it in natural light, the color will be more true.

I lived through the Bush I - Clinton transition and left the job right before Bush II was elected. Luckily Clinton's appointments at my agency were people who had been there before and knew what they were doing. Nonetheless, there was a definite philosophical shift, which, practically speaking, comnpletely changed the way we approached our work. I wasn't too happy with it.

I think all new appointees need to remember that the career staff have been there long before they arrived and will be there long after. They know more about the law and the way it's applied. Political appointees who ignore or belittle career staff are in for a world of trouble.

Can't wait to see your arrow shawl!