Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No One's Here, But I'll Show You Anyway

It's pretty clear that no one is around right now. I hope everyone here in the States is getting ready for a nice, warm, fun-filled Thanksgiving. I also hope that your travel goes smoothly, with a minimum of traffic or annoyance.

We're staying here. Small gathering. Ho hum. Blah.

I still do not have pictures of myself in the Simple Knitted Bodice, because no one has been around during daylight hours to take any. Sunday was another big bike race, and as Mr. T and Sr. Jr. headed out the door, I said, "Please just get back while there's still daylight, so you can take some pictures for me." Ha. Fat chance.

In the meantime, I have a lot of leftover Dream In Color yarn, so I started a quick project to use some of it up -- the Chevalier Mittens. The original pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, used doubled, but the called-for gauge was the same gauge I was getting with the Classy. The pattern is fun and easy, with very impressive-looking results:

They're warm, too. I think I'll have enough yarn left over to make a hat, too.

Next on my agenda -- a smoke ring/cowl/snood thing.

I'm sure I'll be back sometime this weekend, fuller and fatter than ever :)



Scott T. said...

1. I'm sorry, but you know there were responsibilities to the Coppi race. I'll be home tomorrow during daylight hours, so readers be ready.
2. Love the mittens. Seriously, you could sell a bunch of those.
3. What the hell is a "snood" thing???
4. do you want a big gathering? I can certainly invite over some friends. which will just increase your stress level through the stratosphere.

kippi said...

Cute mittens! Those are fabulous.

Scott: do better.

I'd be happy to have low key holidays. Most of them freak me out.

Now I need to go get my grocery list together.

Sharon said...

Those mittens are great. Scott is right--you could sell those for a lot of money!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.