Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I finished my Angee socks, finally. This is a fun pattern, quick and easy. There were apparently a couple of mistakes in the pattern that I didn't know about, but they were minor, not really affecting the overall look of the pattern. Here they are, in different views:

I like these socks. They're nice and warm and cushy. Specs: Pattern: Angee from Sock Innovation, by Cookie A. Yarn: Wollmeise Twin, Herzblut. Needles, 2.25 mm. Modifications: none.

Next up was, as discussed in my last post, Kieler Sprotte from Socken Aus Aller Welt, by Stephanie van der Linden. After all the navel gazing and stash rearranging evidenced in my last two blog posts, I settled on three Wollmeise colors: Ebenholz (an ebony brown), Terra de Siena (a deep red/orange), and Honigtopfchen (honey pot). I decided to use three colors after seeing a black/teal/chartreuse combo and really liking it. The problem was that I loved the yarns too much to use them yet. I only have one each of the teal and the chartreuse, and I wasn't emotionally ready to use them yet. I know. I'm strange, but I know there are other people out there like me.

I rejiggered the pattern a little to accommodate using the extra color, and this is what I came up with :

Here it is with the flash:

I like the concept, but not the reality. As I said on Ravelry, it's That '70s Sock. It feels great, and I know I would love to wear them, but the color combo just isn't working for me, so it became a F(rogged) Object.

After that, I delved into the stash again and pulled out the following two yarns:

Wollmeise Twin in Schwarz (black) and Sundara sock yarn in Viola. The Sundara is really a much deeper violet than the picture suggests. I can't get my camera to register the deep purples at all. I've cast on, but I'm still on the all black cuff, so there's nothing interesting to show. Since I'm only using two colors, I'm going to stick to the original pattern. Someday I'll go back to my variation, just with different colors.

I'm tempted to write about politics, particularly the Specter situation, but I have a lot to do around here.

Coming soon -- pretty yarn pictures!

Coming after that -- Maryland Sheep and Wool!


Scott T. said...

I like the looks of the black and violet combo

Sharon said...

Me too. Can I commission a pair of those Angee(s)? They look scrumptious!

I did like the "70's socks," but can understand why you couldn't groove on them.

Not much fiber stuff going on here. Work still insane; kids busier than ever; old college roomie visiting form London. Back on the Hill today. Minneapolis on Monday to investigate a sexual harassment case. And, to top it all off, we may end up cancelling Cancun for obvious reasons. Not a happy camper.

Loren T said...

When your life calms down, Sharon (ha!), we'll get you knitting socks :)

Have a great weekend with your friend. I'm so sorry to hear about Cancun. Hopefully refundable? Sexual harassment cases are never fun. One of the reasons I can't rejoice about Specter turning Dem is that I still remember how he treated Anita Hill.

Sharon said...

A low point in American politics and history, to be sure. I really took that whole fiasco personally.

kippi said...

Love the violet/black combination.

You could have called the brown socks "the very Brady socks". ha. Agreed, 70's indeed.

Aren't you now rejoicing over your glorious stash? Isn't it nice to be able to just change colors like that on a whim without getting into your car?

Your Angee socks are stunning. Huzzah for a finished pair! You made a great color/yarn/pattern decision on this one.

How's the garden coming along?