Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty Pictures

Mr. T took his camera along for his bike ride amongst the Cherry Blossoms the other morning. Of course, right now it's foggy and muggy, but it's nice to see these pictures to remember that Spring is out there, somewhere.

And, of course, the monuments:

My favorite is the next one, all dramatic and foreboding:

I also finished Ishbel, and blocked her this morning. Here are some blocking shots for you. First, the Full Monty:

Closer up, you can see the lace pattern better:

And, even closer:

And my little helper, who so desperately wants her picture posted:

Now that Ishbel is done, I'm concentrating on my sock knitting (for now). I'm still working on the Summer Fall Sliding socks. I'm right at the heel turn. But my main project right now is a pair of socks from Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovation. Cookie A is one of my favorite sock designers, and I was eagerly awaiting her book. It does NOT disappoint. I think I want to knit every pair of socks in the book. To start with, however, I chose Angee, one of the less difficult patterns. These socks are going to be vacation knitting, as well as KAL knitting, so they can't be too complicated. I'm using my Herzblut Wollmeise for these (forgive the horrible picture):

My brother is gone, but says he'll be back (oy). Today I meet with the landscape designer, help Sr. Jr. get his data ready for his science project, and get Jr. Jr. to baseball practice. Right now I'm staring out the study window at the empty space where my big beautiful tree used to be, wondering what to put in its place. Hopefully, the landscape designer will tell me that my idea for a raised vegetable garden in the back yard is doable...


Scott T. said...

1. you need to make your links friendly for readers who aren't ravelry (can't see what any of them are).
2. can you get those white stockings/socks you showed me last night done by next friday ;-)
3. your idea for a raised veg garden is not doable (it would be too small and we've never had any success growing anything; we're not growers)

Sharon said...

I'm trying a raised herb garden this year, although I'm not a grower either. Black thumb, in fact. But since I have a bin full of black, loamy compost dirt, I'm itching to use it. Started compost bin #2 so I can use the dirt "made" in #1 and not add anything more to it.

Lovely, lovely shawl. The color looks mellow and sunny.

Have fun on spring break!

kippi said...

Oh Scott, do tell us more about the white stockings!

And, um, yah, that is what gardeners are for, silly. You would have veggies in no time flat.

Gorgeous photos of the cherry blossoms. Love, love, love the shawl. Yours is the prettiest I have seen. The color is perfect.

Hm. You've already started your vacation knitting? Me thinks you might have to pack something else as it looks as if you are enjoying this pattern. I have several in my queue, but the book is in the other room and I'm tired, otherwise I would give you the names.

btw, the Wollmeise color is lovely in that pattern.

Loren T said...


Thanks for the compliments on the scarf! Even though I haven't tried it on yet, I really like how it turned out. The springy color makes me happy.

I've never composted -- is it hard? My old neighbor used to do it and it stank, so I was prejudiced against it. I think we are going to do the veggie bed, with tomatoes, cukes, lettuces, herbs, yum.

Have fun on your break too :)