Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving Along Now

The sun has finally come out! The cherry trees are blooming, and the time is right for a yellow scarf. Mr. T took the boys out to play golf today, so I got to knit, bake scones, and talk to my MIL on the phone (she's chatty).

As a result, the knitting on Ishbel is done, but it isn't blocked yet. This was a fun and fast knit. It would have gone even faster if my week hadn't gotten rather complicated by surprise visits from my brother (he needs babysitting). Here's Ishbel in it's sad, unblocked state:

It looks so small! I can't wait to see it blocked. I hope it's big enough... Apparently, my brother will be back here for two more nights this week, and plans to bring a colleague. More babysitting. Less knitting. Yay!

Now I need to get back to the Fall Sliding socks. I was doing the gusset increases when I got distracted by Ishbel, so here's where they are now:

I really like this pattern. I need to get moving on these, because I'm also doing a sock KAL for the new Cookie A. book. The book is due to arrive Monday, and I need to choose which yarn I'm going to use for the KAL. Here are my choices:

From left to right, all Wollmeise: Terra de Siena, Herzblut, and Frosch. Pros and cons: the Terra is in the same color family as the Smooshy that I'm currently using, but I like it; the Herzblut is kind of bright, but I have four of them to use up; and I love the Frosch and don't know if I want to use it yet. I have a couple of days before the KAL starts, so please vote! Tell me which one I should use.

Finally, remember those two skeins of gorgeous black and purple Sundig und Verrucht lace I posted recently? Now I only have one. I traded one of them for a skein of Poison No. 5 lace, just as gorgeous and dramatic, but brighter:

Ignore the giant cat hair out front. I thought I had removed that, but I guess not.

Now that Spring has sprung, so have my allergies. Even the Claritin isn't helping. In the meantime, this is the last week before Spring Break. The kids are getting pre-vacation fatigue, the laziness that comes in anticipation of some time off. I promised Sr. Jr. I'd bake him a cherry pie if he got all As this quarter, so I need to check the calendar to see when report cards come out. I'm pretty sure he's going to come home demanding pie.


kippi said...

Does this mean my Cookie Book will be here today? YAY!! Which pattern is on the KAL? That sounds like so much fun I might have to jump in if you don't mind.

Not seeing the pattern, I would choose the Herzblut.

Your sock is lovely. Do you find the pattern has enough negative ease?

OOOH! lace blocked photos soon, right? The buttery color is so beautiful.

What pattern are you using for the Poison? Knit in the cat hair as it must be a talisman for something.

oak pollen bites. It's knocking me out.

Nancy said...

My Cookie book is arriving on Wednesday; I spotted it at Barnes and Noble yesterday and it's gorgeous.

Go for the Herzblut.

And tree pollen is horrid to me. Have you tried Zyrtec? I do much better with it than with Claritin.

(knitressnancy from Rav)

Loren T said...

Hi, Nancy! Thanks for the vote. I've narrowed it down to Herzblut or Fratello, which wasn't on my earlier list. I've tried Zyrtec in the past, and while it does work better on my allergies, it turns me into a foul-tempered snippy bitch. Or more of one, anyway :) I'm tempted to go back on it for a few days, because the Claritin isn't really doing it for me right now.

The Cookie book is here now. I'm just waiting for some quiet time to get a really good look at it.

Sharon said...

Love the color of the scarf too. I hope it blocks to the right size. You should be able to wear it while the last of the winter chill (I hope) is still in the air.

Ah yes, spring allergies in D.C. My kids suffer much more than me, but I feel it too.

What are your spring break plans?