Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quiet Week So Far

No snow days. No doctor's appointments. No teacher conferences. I've been relaxing, cleaning, organizing, catching up on stuff that needed to get done.

In the meantime, I finished the Witchy Knee Socks:

They're definitely kind of wacky looking, but they are SO comfortable. That photo angle makes my legs look fat and stumpy, huh? It's hard to take pictures of your own legs. I like working with Wollmeise a lot. The yarn will do wonderful things with textured stitch patterns, plus I've seen some beautiful colorwork done with it, as well. Although it feels kind of ropy in the skein, it's soft to knit with. I haven't washed it yet, so I can't comment on how much it softens up. Stay tuned.

Here's how much I had left of the skein when I finished the socks:

Now I get to go back to work on the Tilted Duster and the Alpine Frost scarf.

Sitting here watching Bernie Madoff plead guilty, and hearing about record numbers of layoffs. I'm hearing more and more tales of layoffs from Ravelers, too. I am lucky to count myself and my family among the fortunate, and have to send much appreciation to my husband, who works so hard and is so conservative about money :)

Baseball practice starts this weekend! Only one of my kids is playing this year, so that should make life less hectic.

That's it for today, short and sweet. More to come.


Scott T. said...

Thanks; just think of all those times I declared that putting money in the stock market was no better than pissing it away in Vegas.

kippi said...

NICE GAMS. Love the socks and congratulations for finishing the miles and miles of stockinette. Oh, and also big congratulations for getting them the same length. :-)

There will always be crooks, unfortch. Also a prez who says one thing and does another. (regardless of party affiliation) Those earmarks are disgusting, certainly not job producing, and definitely opposite to what we were promised.

Although it would be nice if we could get back to the talk of hope and recovery. And maybe being able to hold a press conference without a teleprompter? Yah, I'm disgusted about all kinds of things. Time for a Congressional clean house.

btw, started some socks with the Smooshy and I'm not impressed thusfar, although I'm delaying final judgment to the end. Due to my inability to choose a good yarn/pattern combination I had to rip twice. The yarn doesn't like that.

Next project I'll use the Madelintosh and compare.

We have moisture falling from the sky. Rain!! It's been so long that I'd forgotten how nice it can be.