Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decision Time

Look! A flower on my plum tree. It must mean that Spring - real Spring, not meteorological Spring - is not far away. Please? It's been so chilly.

I've been slowly working on my Ishbel (linky in last post). If you knit the small size, you're supposed to knit a certain number of repeats of the lace charts, and for the large size, you knit another set of the repeats. I'm considering knitting the larger number of repeats for the smaller scarf. I know! How bold! I haven't made a final decision yet, and I'm at the point where I have to. So here's a couple of pictures of where I'm at, and all three of you can help me decide:

Here's a bit of a close-up:

If I want to end now, I start knitting the border lace. If I want to keep going, I repeat the two charts that got me the border I already have, then start the final border. So, what say you?

A note about this pattern -- It's fun, fast, and easy. I noticed that there are people on Ravelry who have knit more than one or plan to knit more than one, and I can see why. It's pretty, it's versatile, and it looks good in many different yarns. I might knit one using some of my Wollmeise...

In other parts of my life, I've had sick kids (Jr. Jr., minor cold) and sick kitties (the big one, same old anal retentive issues. Literally.)

Here's the little kitty, who thought she'd snuggle up in my armoire. When I left to get the camera, she was squished up in there, looking at me like "You are SO not getting me out of here!" When I got back, she was peering out, wondering why I wasn't grabbing at her:

Luckily her life was spared because she bedded down in the cotton turtlenecks and NOT the handknits.

And the Kitty Fairness Doctrine requires equal time, so here's the anal retentive kitty, snuggled up in the guest room:

And for Kippi, here's a picture of my Wollmeise Lace in Sundig und Verrucht:

Isn't it gorgeous! The one on the left is the dark version, and the one on the right is medium.


Sharon said...

It has been cold, hasn't it? Samantha and I are doing our annual Mom-daughter trip (this year to Cancun!) right after SOL's in June, and it can't come quickly enough. Even with that extra 5 lbs. I put on over the winter, I'm cold all the time (well, when I'm not having hot flashes.) I have been enjoying the glorious dogwoods in full bloom this week as well as the cherry blossoms in early bloom on Capitol Hill.

I think you should go longer. Your lace work is so exquisite, Loren. I always think I'm going to spot you in and around Arlington because I just know I would do a double take if I saw someone wearing an item of such fine workmanship. You know--when you see someone wearing something amazing that you just know is handmade, and you have to ask about it.

Loved the kitty pics. My cat is getting old and seems to be slowing down considerably. She often has that look on her face that your anal-retentive one is wearing in the photo! Whereas in the past I've always had two cats, it just can't work with this one, so she's an only child. I can't imagine a home without a cat in it.

Keep posting. I need your photos, yarn, and WIPs to bring some cheeriness into this drab day and overall, cold week!


Loren T said...

Sharon, I know what you mean about a home without cats. We adopted the two together and they were littermates, so they're stuck with each other. How old is your cat now? Anal retentive kitty has been a little less retentive since her vet visit, so she's a little perkier now.

What a great trip you have planned! No mother-daughter activities in this house, unfortunately :(

Well, I got lazy and started the border charts. If I don't like it, the next one will be longer.

Sharon said...

Maggie must be about 10. We weren't sure about her exact age when we got her, but assumed she was about 2 or 3 then. That's what the vet estimates too.

Believe me, the mother-daughter thing has its own rewards, but also its own difficulties too, to put it euphemistically. For instance, I don't think your sons would try to register you on line to be on "What Not to Wear," describing your mother's habitual style as "yoga pants, a race t-shirt, and a shawl that she crocheted herself." Ouch.

Loren T said...

Thank you for the biggest laugh of the day so far, Sharon!

Scott T. said...

Much as I think it would be cool for Loren to be on the show, I cannot in good conscience say she's a fashion disaster; I wonder how many people they get like that, where they just want to be on the show, get to go shopping with $5,000, so stage some bad photos

kippi said...

I vote for Scott to just pony up the 5k. :-)

Thanks for the lace photos! I'll take the dark version. You can just pop in in the box with the Poison #5. Thanks!

I vote for an extra row of the pattern, although I wonder if you should then adjust the edging to be a few rows fewer just to keep it visually interesting. ?? maybe??

I'll take a closer look at the Ravelry finished projects and chime in with a more educated view.