Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's a really pretty pre-Spring day here, sunny with mild temperatures, so I decided to take my Wollmeise out for a picnic and get some better pictures than I've been able to so far. So here are a bunch of pictures, including some old skeins and some new skeins. Here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy!

First, the box o' yarn:

Next up, Honigtopfchen (top) and Single Malt (bottom):

Here's Brombeere, my very first Wollmeise skein, from The Loopy Ewe sometime last year:

Digitessa, a gorgeous dark red:

Petit Poison No. 5, dark intensity:

Farn, a new arrival,and appropriate for Spring and St. Patrick's Day:

Here's Rosenrot (rose red):

and Herzblut:

This is Terra de Sienna, I think it's light intensity, but the notation on the label is unclear. A kind Raveler provided me with this one:

Here's Versuchkaninchen II, from Raveler Faith, part of an exchange for some laceweight. I love this color! It looks much better in person than it does on the website:

Another new arrival, Amazonas. Very intense!

Der Letzte Versuch (this one I may trade):

I'm still trying to get a good picture of this one. It's Sundig und Verrucht, and that color with the black is an intense violet. It's not as blue as it looks here, but this is a better picture than last time (some of this in laceweight should be here soon, too):

And finally, two different skeins of Poison No. 5, both medium intensity. The one on the left is from the trade with Faith, and is much more lilacy than the one I just got, on the right, which is more of a fuschia color. I love them both, but I think I prefer the one on the left:

Nice, huh? I still have a little more coming, with blue colorways and the new Ebenholz (ebony). Don't worry, honey, almost done...

So, yesterday was crappy what with the cold and grey and microwave issues. Today it's sunny and nice, Wollmeise arrived, and I picked myself up some more Artisan Confections chocolates (new flavors - Kirsch caramel and coconut caramel, mmm). I prefer days like today :)


tasha. said...

Can I just say, delicious! Yum yum yum, what a nice way to spend a Spring day!

Sharon said...

Oooh, they look scrumptious!!! It was lovely today wasn't it? I worked from home today just writing writing writing all day, but did manage to fit in a couple of "loops" on the bike (Lorcom/Glebe/old Glebe/Military/nellie Custus/Lorcom). Each loop is only a little over 6 miles, but it is a killer what with the steep hills. My quads are killing me!

I can't wait to see the finished product from all that lovely wool. I think I see what the allure is--the pics really captured the richness of the colors.

Hope you're well,


Loren T said...

Sharon, I'm glad you got out today. Scott did hills out that way, too, eventually going up 26th St. toward Glebe, I believe.

How was it up on the Hill today? I saw lots of righteous indignation, a lot of it fairly well-deserved. The AIG thing is stirring up quite a bit of populist fervor.

Off to pick up from Hebrew school...

Scott T. said...

Loren, I hope you and your little bundles will be very happy together (never taken me out for a picnic).

Sharon, good loop. We do a 6:30 Wednesday morning ride that takes Military from Lorcom to 26th Street, climb that up to Marymount parking lot, then down Glebe to old glebe/military, then turn right and climb up 35th street up to the Country Club, repeat descent then do 35th street again but this time turning left up Vermont St. which takes you to the Country club along one of their fairways, with an unpleasantly steep final pitch. repeat descent one more time but go back and do 26th street again. It's called the "HON" ("Hell/Hills Of North" Arlington). These are basically 4 4-minute climbs.
Another loop people do is to do Military to Glebe, then out Williamsburg then back on Little Falls/Yorktown, which if I have this right, will bring you under Glebe and out at the Marymount parking lot on 26th street.

Later in the year, they will probably do a ride from Contes on Tuesday Evenings that does some form of the Military/Williamsburg loop.

kippi said...


I'll take petit poison #5 dark intensity and the lilac-y one. thanks bunches!

btw, nice to see another container store person. :-)

Sharon said...

Thanks, Scott. I'm always looking for ways to torture myself further on those hills. I'm sure you're one of those sleek, fast guys who whiz by in packs, that I alway see. My only satisfaction is that, while my son's bum foot has kept him from running, he's ridden the loop a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. He's so strong, but they whip his butt too!

Scott T. said...

I need to get our son out there too