Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving On

Even though they didn't take that long to knit, the Witchy Knee socks felt like they took up a large chunk of my time. Maybe it's because they took so much longer than typical socks, yet were nothing more than miles and miles of stockinette. Maybe it's because while I was knitting them, I wasn't knitting on anything else. Who knows? Either way, going back to old projects and starting new ones seems like an awakening of sorts.

I added a few extra rows to the Alpine Frost scarf. I can't work on this for too long. The crochet movement is less relaxing to me than knitting. In addition, I have to pay more attention to what I'm doing, because the next stitch isn't just waiting there for me, I have to find it, and make sure I'm crocheting in the right stitch, in order for the pattern to work out. So it's not mindless. It's easy, yes, but not in the same way that knitting is, for me. Maybe it will be someday, because there are already a couple of crochet patterns in my queue.

After a short bit of contemplation, I decided to knit the Tilted Duster's sleeves first, rather than the skirt. I might like to lengthen that bottom portion of the sweater a little bit, and if the sleeves are done already, I'll have a better idea of how much yarn I have left to play with. So, here's a sleevelet:

I also started a new sock. It's the Summer Sliding sock, and I'm using Dream in Color's Smooshy in the Chinatown Apple colorway:

And another view:

I thought today was going to be a nice, easy day, but so far, not. I almost killed the microwave this morning, just by cleaning it! It's one of those microwaves that's built in over our cooktop, with a venting sytem. It gets greasy, so I was cleaning off the top, when I apparently got some water down into the electronic control panel. First the display went fritzy, then the stupid thing kept trying to turn itself on for a cook time of 5 minutes! It didn't like me pressing cancel or leaving the door open to keep it from turning on, so it starting making nasty beeps at me. Finally, I put a quart sized measuring cup in there with water and let it cook for 5 minutes. Now it's fine. I hope.

Blogger's also giving me fits right now. I started this post on my laptop, but every time I tried to post a picture, it would kick me offline. So now I'm at the study computer.

I'm sure I had a lot more to say, and many opinions to opine, but I'm frustrated and have things to do! So I bid you adieu until next time...


kippi said...

I have that pattern! I purchased it to use my Smooshy green yarn, started the toe and moved on to another pattern. I really like how yours is turning out so may have to take another stab at it.

Cleaning can be hazardous. You must stop immediately.

Scott T. said...

You know one of the cats tried to drag the current ball off the couch and upstairs last night; I found it under the coffee table when I went down to read (I had also heard the tell-tale yeowling