Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What We've Been Doing While I'm Not Knitting

Major headache today, so probably not a very coherent blog post ahead.

Snow! Always fun. The boys went sledding and had a ball.

Sr. Jr. is working on his science fair project, which requires a lot of parental oversight:

So far, the experiment is going well. We have ten test cups and one control (just distilled water). There are definite differences in those cups. (Confidentiality maintained until experiment is done, per Sr. Jr.'s instructions.)

Baking -- mmmm, scones. These are my regionally-famous cinnamon scones. I freeze them and warm them up in the mornings for breakfast. Not very healthy, but yum.

There has been a little bit of knitting going on. I've turned the heel on my second knee sock. It'll be a loooong way up the leg, but when they're done, they'll be really comfy.

This was yet another week where I had very little time to knit. Tomorrow and Friday are parent-teacher conference days, so tomorrow is early release (plus a dentist appointment), and Friday the elementary school is not in session.

I feel like I've not been able to be very productive this school year. Hopefully that will change soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Meanwhile, I've found a crochet garment that I like. Look for that if I ever get through the stuff I'm working on now. It will be my first crochet garment... I hope I can do this.

A year ago today, it was 72 degrees here. Sigh.


Scott T. said...

72...72....72....Nope, not familiar with it, inside or out. Can't remember it.

Are we keeping notes on which ones appear to be rusting sooner/faster

kippi said...

um, Scott, I think you're giving away the experiment! and please tell me that he is soaking one of them in Coke to see if it corrodes the metal or if that is an old wives' tale.

That snow looks so pretty! Um, yeah, 72 is lovely. Why aren't you sledding.

Sorry about the headache. I've got a whopper of one today as well. No fun.

Don't beat yourself up about the lack of productivity. From this vantage point, it looks as if you have completed a great number of things including scone making and raising two fine men. Three if you count Scott.


Sharon said...

Hope you're feeling better. This has been the week that would never end--the days have seemed endless. Absolutely lunatic at work.

Are you as concerned as I am about Obama not being able to fill his presidential appointment slots? And I don't mean the big cabinet head positions--I mean the more rank and file PAS' positions that ae staying empty. While us career folks can keep things running, we don't have the same access to the Hill and to the President without those figurehead PAS folks in place. There was a piece on NPR this a.m. about how Treasury is especially hard hit. I spent 12 years at Treasury (much of it a Main Treasury) and this is not good.

Loren T said...

Thanks, Sharon, I'm kind of feeling better. Whatever this virus is, it's not too bad. Just a near-constant headache and fatigue.

I'm sorry to hear that things are so hectic. How many appointments are you talking about? Over at the FTC, the Commissioners are appointed, but I believe the Bureau Directors are brought in by the Chairman, rather than appointed by the President.

What are you not accomplishing without those PAS folks? Has the new Sec. communicated his aims with the whole department or is he, also, dealing with the immediate crisis only?

I think Obama's got it rough right now -- two wars, economic crisis, asshole Republicans -- and it's hard to focus on the downline issues when the topline issues are so pressing. But yes, he needs to get moving on those appointments if he wants his government to run smoothly.

It seems that some agencies have been given priority right now, e.g. getting EPA up and running to undo some of the midnight rules and prior damage, but Treasury should be right up there!

Smaller, more independent agencies that don't have much to do with the current crisis should be backburnered, but on the other hand, they're pretty easy. Right now no one's focused on who will chair the FTC or FCC, and probably rightly so, although FTC does some credit stuff, too.

I'd be interested to hear more about the transition and how you're operating through this crisis, but I don't want to add to your load right now :)