Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving Slowly

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I'm sorry. Every time I think I'm going to have a nice, slow week to get a lot done, Mother Nature laughs at me and throws a million things into my schedule, just to keep me humble. Not that these are all bad things by any means, but they keep me from making much knitting progress. Add to mix that it's allergy season, and the meds make me too drowsy to knit much at night, and you get a cranky Loren.

In the not-so-much-knitting news is that I've finished one of my Angee socks and turned the heel on the second.

And a better picture of the pattern:

When I'm done with these, I'm going to work on Kieler Sprotte from Stephanie van der Linden's book Socken aus aller Welt:

Yes, it's all in German. Between the charts, the German to English translations on the Wollmeise bags, the Knitting Languages book I have, and the help of the German members of the Ravelry KAL, I think I can muddle through. All I have to do is pick some color combos. What do you all think of the following choices?

Schwarz and Bugga (Tomato Frog):

Schwarz and Eidos (too lazy to look up the name of the green):

Ebenholz and Single Malt:

Schwarz and Frosch:

Schwarz and Safran:

Ebenholz and Safran:

Or Ebenholz and Terra de Siena:

It's a bad day for taking pictures. Vote in the comments, please!

This afternoon and tomorrow are going to be baking days. I promised Sr. Jr. that I would bake him a cherry pie if he got all As on his report card this quarter. With pie for incentive, he not only got all As, but a bunch of Os (for outstanding) for effort and behavior, including ALL Os from Mr. P, the notoriously hard-ass Science teacher :) I'll make the pie crust this afternoon and then finish off the pie tomorrow. I also need to replenish my stock of scones. So today, baking, not so much knitting. (Yes, I'll post pictures of the pie for all you hungry readers.)


Anonymous said...

Ebenholz and Single Malt!

kippi said...

1. Schwarz and Eidos.
2. Ebenholz and Single Malt.

Yes, pie pictures, please.

Scott T. said...

I like the blue in the magazine/catalog picture

Sharon said...

So am I to understand that you have all those skeins in your stash already? I like the single malt and ebenholz too.

The socks you're finishing up are incredible. One of my best friends has recently been in a sock knitting frenzy (and believe it or not he's a straight man!), and he is starting to tackle some of the textured patterns. I referred him to your blog so he could get inspired!

Congrats to Jake and his most excellent report card. I had to leave work and pick up Sam up early yesterday (sick and home all day today), so she didn't get her report card. She's predicted all A's and one B, so she's already picked out the Sims expansion pack she wants. (No cherry pie, but she did corral me into baking her homemade banana muffins for breakfast this morning. She said it was the only thing she could choke down with her sore throat.)

Ciao--glad to see the update today.

Barbara said...

i like either of the greens w/black. electric. is the eidos something like sophrosne....i'm too lazy to look it up too!! i think the bugga while a nice color with black is too different in "body" from WM...but red and black are also dynamic as is safran/black or ebenholz...not really a decisive day for me. :P but #1 is either of the greens w/ black. love it.

if i do that one i think it will be a blue or green with black or possibly fuchsia/black...ewwww. kinda retro.

Maria said...

I like all of them, but the red and black really grabs me.