Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aestlight in the Evening

My Aestlight Shawl is finished and blocked :) I made it through the body of the shawl and the edging using one skein of Wollmeise (100%). The skein was a little heavier than the 150g listed on the label, 154 grams, I think. I had to break into another skein just to bind off the stitches on the top edging.

This was how much I had left after doing the border:

Here are some FO shots for you:

I knit the large size, for maximum coziness. I love how this turned out. It's casual enough to wear with jeans, but pretty enough not to be boring. I can definitely see making more of these.

I am just about two rows away from finishing my first Skandalous sock, too, so look for that in an upcoming post.

In other news, Mr. T and Sr. Jr. entered a father/son golf tournament at a local municipal 9 hole course. Despite a shaky start, they came in second! They had a lot of fun. Jr. Jr. and I played putt putt at the same course while they played.

This month is WIP Wrestlemania on Ravelry, where we try to finish up as many WIPs as possible. This means that I'm committed to working on things already in progress, which is killing me! I really want to cast on for something new, even more so because I'm not supposed to.

This upcoming week the boys are at tennis camp, which is only half a day. I won't get very far on the WIPs anyway.

Next week, Sr. Jr. goes away for a week of outdoor adventures camp, his first whole week away from home. I may go a little crazy missing him...


Sharon said...

That is the PERFECT shawl. I love how the mesh section looks almost like crochet. Overall the effect is very striking. You're right--both a jeans and a dressier shawl.

While I can't see your face/hair, I'm guessing that color looks great on you. As usual, excellent workmanship!

kippi said...

I agree, perfect shawl. Once again, you chose the perfect color. It will look great with jeans or with a dress/skirt.

Am excited to see your skandalous sock!!

Sr. Jr. is going to have a great time. Just about the time you will get the hang of him being gone, he will return.

Do you think you will have more knitting time when school resumes? Is that in August?

I wanted to play in WIP/WMania but I don't have any WIP's. That's sad. and odd.