Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Radio Silence

This weekend we took Sr. Jr. off to camp. He'll only be gone a week, but I miss him! We'll have no contact with him all week. No mail, no phone calls, no email, no texts. It's really hard not picking up a phone or composing an email to ask what he's doing and if he's having fun!

His camp is an outdoor adventure camp. They'll hike and camp in the Shenandoahs, and then there's a couple of days of kayaking/canoeing and camping as well. There was supposed to be a day of caving, which Sr. Jr. really liked about his previous year's experience in the day camp, but caving has been cancelled this year due to the spread of White Nose disease among bats up and down the east coast. (White nose disease is a fungal disease [I think] that's been killing bats en masse. It's similar to what's been happening with bees.)

This camp is camping. No cabins, no indoor plumbing, just the kids, some tents, and nature. Base camp was outside of Middleburg. These are the tents they stay in for the first night, before they leave for the hiking expedition:

Here's the mess tent:

Unlike previous years at the day camp, Sr. Jr. knew none of the kids attending this session.

He was too macho or nervous to accept hugs or kisses from mom :( After we dropped him off, we stopped off in Middleburg to have some lunch before heading home. Mr. T and I hadn't been out there in ages. It's as pretty as ever.

In knitting news, I'm still working on the Skandalous socks. I committed myself to WIP Wrestlemania on Ravelry, which means that the month of July is devoted solely to finishing off projects already in progress. It's killing me not to cast on for something new! I have so many ideas that I want to knit up and so much beautiful yarn calling me. But I'm being good:

Last night while watching Torchwood, I got a bit done on sock #2. I've turned the heel and I'm working my way up the leg. When I finish these, I will have completed 3 WIPs for Wrestlemania. After that, I will break out the languishing Alpine Lace scarf and see if I can finish that, too. Summer, alas, is not a time when I can get a lot of knitting done.

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kippi said...

That camp looks amazing! Mind you, I wouldn't do it. Camping to me is a hotel without a concierge. I'll bet he is having the time of his life. The VA countryside is amazingly gorgeous.

That's gross about the bats. We watch the bats every night at dusk fly down our street and around our deck. They are gross but they eat the mosquitos so I love them. You should take the kids one August to Austin to see the largest congregation of bats in N. America (maybe the world). They live under a bridge and fly out en masse. So great is this phenomenon that it can be seen from space.

Love the socks. Jealous that you can make such a pretty short row heel. You are a great team player with three WIPs finished.

Off to see a photo of the alpine lace. School should be starting soon, right? or is it after Labor Day there?