Monday, July 6, 2009

Border Crossings

Kippi asked, in the comments to the last post, whether I was slipping the first stitch of each row to facilitate picking up stitches for the border. Nope. In this pattern, you increase for the triangle by doing a yarnover at the beginning of each row. This creates a line of bigger loops running up the sides of the triangle that you pick up and knit into the back of to create what looks like a row of yarnovers:

You can see it in the picture above separating the main triangle from the border pattern. I'm cruising along with this now, but I'm not sure how much I like it. I've never been a huge fan of garter stitch based lace patterns, but this will be a cozy warm shawl, rather than a work of art, that's for sure.

Garden Question

There's something yucky going on with my Roma tomatoes, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm going to seek the wisdom of the few of you who read this ;) They start out nicely, but then the bottoms start to get brown and rotten looking:

Any ideas from the crowd?

On Friday, Mr. T took the boys to the AT&T National Golf Tournament at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda. They had a great time, got themselves on TV (if you squint, they're behind Anthony Kim on one of the holes), and got a bunch of autographs:

Being a cute kid helps with the autograph seeking, apparently. They got autographs from Lee Janzen, Mike Weir, Lucas Glover (who won the US Open last week), Stuart Appleby, Hunter Mahan (who shot the course record at Congressional yesterday), Rocco Mediate, Ricky Barnes, Aaron Baddely, and Steve Flesch. Not Tiger, who doesn't do many autographs and walked right past them.

Bwahahahaha, Sarah Palin

I don't care how she or her followers try to spin her resignation from office a year and a half before her term is over -- the going got tough and she bailed. She's so full of hypocrisy, it never ceases to amaze me. She doesn't like the media attention focused on her family? Well, then, keep your family out of the media! Don't trot them out as campaign props or put them in the spotlight by picking fights with David Letterman. She complains about being in debt because of ethics complaints? Does she remember what happened to Bill Clinton? He didn't quit mid-term, although people were trying hard to force the issue. She didn't want to coast and travel around her state and across the country? What else has she been doing since the election? She's been here in Washington, in NY attending Yankees games... She claims she doesn't want to waste her state's time as a lame-duck governor. What would she do as a lame-duck President?

This doesn't even pass the most rudimentary smell test.

The funny part is that her spokesperson has said that she's going to devote her energies to getting other like-minded politicians elected to office, specifically including campaigning for the wingnut-in-moderate's clothing who's running for governor here in Virginia. However, governors in Virginia are limited by law to serving only one term... making them lame ducks almost immediately upon taking office... but they don't quit in a huff... not sure how she justifies this...


Scott T. said...

what a lovely hand. did you bring in a professional hand model or is that yours?

You didn't need to squint to see us, although DVR reverse helped. One of my associates saw me.

kippi said...

ooh, Scott, you're famous! You should go on circuit with the PGA as 'the guy behind the golfer.'

Thanks for the explanation on the shawl edging. I never even considered that to be an option, but it makes for a very nice transition. I agree that pattern looks more rustic and everyday than most scarves. It is perfect just for that reason. Your yarn choice/color choice seems perfect for the pattern as well. You are a fantastic yarn/pattern picker-er.

98% of politicians suck. And lie. And make no sense. The entire political arena at the moment is filled with the non compos mentis, starting at the very top.

I totally call shenanigans.

kippi said...

Your tomato problem was bothering me for some reason. Here is info I found which might help.