Thursday, July 2, 2009


Exciting: This morning's tennis match between Serena Williams and Elena Dementieva in the semi-final match at Wimbledon. I didn't get in the shower until 11:15 this morning, because I didn't want to miss a minute of the match. It was very close. A lot of excellent tennis.

Somewhat Exciting: Homemade strawberry/raspberry/banana/sour cherry smoothies for lunch. Yum.

Unexciting: Knitting garter stitch triangles:

It looks the same as before, right? But it is bigger, see --

That's where it was at my last post. I'm close to the finish line for the small size. However, I've decided to do the large size, which is another 30 rows. Even though it's garter stitch, it's going slowly, probably because it's boring.

After the center triangle is one, I pick up stitches around all three sides and knit a lace panel, then I do a knitted-on edging.

Tomorrow Mr. T is taking the kids to the AT&T National golf tournament at Congressional Country Club, so hopefully I'll have some time to crank out the rest of that triangle!

In garden news, some of our grape tomatoes are almost ready to harvest. They're nice and red, but still a little hard. Maybe tomorrow or the day after. Yum.


kippi said...

ooh, pretty, pretty triangle! I should do that pattern as a prelude to the Christening blanket because the method is the same. Did you slip the first stitch on the sides to be easier to pick stitches? Or is that done only on socks?

I'll have a smoothie, thank you. With a side salad. To go.

Sharon said...

Nice color. Is the shawl for you?
Hope your summer is going well. Happy Belated Birthday!

Loren T said...

Thanks, Sharon! Have you been out of town? Summer is going pretty well. How about you?

Yes, the shawl is for me :)