Sunday, October 5, 2008

In My Alternate Universe

24 + 24 > 50

Who knew?

After I finished my first little socklet for my mother-in-law, I weighed it in order to know whether I would have enough yarn to finish the second one. I had one 50 gram ball of Regia Silk, so as long as the first one was under 25 grams, I should be ok. Luckily, the first weighed 24 grams. I did not leave excessively long tails when casting on or after completing the toe, so theoretically, I should have had enough to finish the pair.


As you can see, I am a very little bit short. Just how much?

Ever so close. *Sigh* But wait! I knew I had some of this yarn in my own personal stash, so I went off digging to find it, only to find that, of course, I have different colors. In the meantime, I weighed the other two balls that I had gotten for my MIL. One color, "coal," was indeed only 48 grams. The other, "linen," was 50 grams. Interestingly enough, I have linen in stash, so if that one had come up short, I'd have been ok. And no, I don't have coal in stash. *Another sigh*

So I took myself back to Knit Happens to get some more yarn. I wasn't too pleased at having to buy a $10 ball of yarn just to knit something like 5 rows, either. I'm sure I could have appealed to someone on Ravelry to send me some leftovers, but who knows how long that would take? Knit Happens had more of the white, but no more coal. I got a lighter shade of grey to use on the toes of the coal socks.

When I got home, I whipped out the new ball of white (I got two, so at least I could make myself a pair of socks out of this fiasco), held it up to the sock to finish the toe, and.... different dye lots. Very different dye lots. The new white was a much whiter white than the old white, even though they have the same name:

If you look closely at the toe, you can see that it's a little bit brighter than the rest of the sock, but it's so subtle that I don't think anyone will really notice. The socks will be in shoes most of the time, after all.

I still haven't decided what to knit next. I haven't even really had time to think about it. Any recommendations?

Any thoughts on the debate or McCain's decision to go negative (or rather, more negative) for the rest of the campaign?


Scott T. said...

I'm sure my mother would have been fine if you had just knitted that little bit in any color. Who would see it in her shoe?

Going negative 30 days before the election equals another last act of desparation. And who the hell knows what they are talking about with this whole "oh, he's friends with some guy who was a 1960s radical." Who cares, and who the hell is the guy. I think I saw somewhere that Obama (in addition to denying that he was anything more than aquainted with the guy) said they guy engaged in or advocated dispicable acts "when I was 8". Someone needs to ask the attack bitch when she says that Obama is "friends with terrorists" -- "Oh really, who? what's his name? what did he do? when?" Because we all know how well she does when required to go beyond the sound bite that was written for her.

And how about Joe McCain saying that we're all communists in Northern Virginia. Really! last I checked, Fairfax was a giant republican strong hold (and even more so Loudon County). Dumbass

kippi said...

well, that's what I get for not watching t.v. all weekend! I have no clue of what you speak. And, quite thankful for it. I'm sick of all of them. Top of my list is Congress. UGH. I can't take it much longer.

That is tricky about the skein only having 48 grams. The stinkers. I would have just made the toe another color. Okay, maybe I wouldn't have. Other-color toes are cute though in socks. Those whites don't even look close to the same color. I would have called the skein white and the finished sock off white.

hmmm. what to knit next. Are you in the mood for a sweater or lace? Sorry, I can't be of much help. I'm having difficulty getting back to the sweater, although I'm almost finished with one of the footies!

Happy Monday!

Sharn said...

Unfortunately, I do know of what Scott speaks. Really, this whole Weatherman-acquaintance thing is such a ruse. I'm dreading these debates tonight. Obama refusing to answer anything directly, instead speaking in that intellectually circular way he does. And McCain--well, all we can expect from him are platitudes and idiotic utterances. Does no one see that this man blatantly contradicts himself from week to week? At this point, I can't stand either of them. That said, I will try to vote this week (Arlington County residents can do so at some County building on Clarendon Blvd. My husband voted this morning, and said he was in and out in 2 minutes. I think election day is going to be a nightmare.)

That was sweet of Scott to say his Mom wouldn't mind the toe in a different shade. I understand the perfectionism, Loren. Especially for someone as special as a beloved MIL!

Loren T said...

Sharon (or should I call you "Sharn"?),

I loved Keith Olbermann's take on Palin's attempt to bring up Ayers. It's worth finding on YouTube. He brought up the founder of the Alaska Independence Party and some of the things he's said, and brought up the witch-banning preacher, as well. Seriously, Ayers turned himself in long ago, and is now a professor at the University of Chicago and a well-respected community activist. But hey, we all know how the McCain campaign feels about community activists, right?

The McCain campaign is sinking to a disgusting low. There's also video of McCain asking at a rally, "Who is Barack Obama?" A supporter in the crowd yelled "A terrorist!" and the look on McCain's face was scary. At first he seemed to grimace, but then he gave a little self-satisfied smile, like "The message is getting out." They're playing on the worst racist fears and motivations, but at least it appears to be backfiring out in the country at large.

The debate tonight should be interesting. It's been brought up that people at town-hall type debates really don't like it when the candidates go negative, which is McCain's stated plan. With the Dow down over 500 points today, McCain's attempts to smear Obama will come back to bite him on the butt. All Obama has to do is say, with a sad smile on his face, "The economy is collapsing around us, and all my opponent can do is drag up old, discredited smears. Obviously, he has nothing constructive to offer you in the way of solutions. Here are mine:..."

He didn't do himself any favors by snubbing Obama in the last debate; he'll be skewered if he does it again in a town-hall setting.