Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm only two or three repeats away from finishing the Plum Lotus scarf, which means, naturally, that I'm planning my next project. So far, I've settled on the Simple Knitted Bodice that I mentioned in my last post. I like this sweater a lot -- it's pretty without being fussy, simple but not too simple, fashionable and more classic at the same time.

I've got some Dream in Color Classy in the In Vino Veritas color in stash that I hope will work for this:

One picture with flash, one without. I used the same color for my Deco Socks a while back. I love the richness and depth of the color. Classy comes in huge 4 ounce hanks, so that yarn ball is quite large. Mr. T took one look at it and said, "I'd like to see the cat get that up the stairs! Hey! You should wrap something heavy, like a baseball, with yarn and see whether she can get it upstairs."

Anyway, I swatched it on 7s and got gauge, but it felt kind of tight. After washing, it definitely softened and loosened up, to the point where gauge was no longer in sight:

I swatched again this afternoon on 6s, washed it, laid it out, measured, and... got gauge. It felt tight in the knitting, so I'm waiting for the swatch to dry to see if it will have the right drape for the sweater. Getting gauge is nice, but not if the fabric is going to feel like drywall. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow for that final answer. Even if the post-washing fabric is fine, I'm not sure whether knitting this sweater in this yarn will be that pleasant an experience. We'll see. I think the final product is nice enough to take the risk.

Because of our busy schedules, we've been pretty lax about getting our Halloween decorations up this year. Sr. Jr. took matters into his own hands this weekend. Here's the big picture view:

A close up of the fencing:

The front lightpole:

And the weird, "Blair Witch Project" installation on the front lawn:

We got a stencil of the Obama logo, so our pumpkins will be political this year. We don't have any yard signs, but I think the pumpkins will be cute.

Both boys have friends over this afternoon, so I have to go keep my house from being destroyed...


Scott T. said...

I can't see the bodice; the link just takes me to ravelry

Sharon said...

The bodice is beautiful. Judging from your earlier pictures on this blog, it will fit your figure well. You wear that style well.

Funny to see your house. Somehow I knew it was a colonial (my first Arlington home was a similar colonial, just not center door). Well, it is Arlington and, unless one lives in a McMansion, there are only 3-4 house styles! My current house is a rambler, but also with the (painted) white brick.

Let me know how you get the squirrels NOT to devour your pumpkins. I've put out three sequentially, the last one with the assurance from the guy on Lee Hwy.(at the gas station) that the squirrels would not eat the "princess" pumpkins, and they've all been attacked and eaten almost immediately. Bummer. I just love pumpkins.

Loren T said...

Thanks, Sharon. The swatch seems nice and drapey, so I think I'll go ahead with the sweater.

I always describe our house as "the standard Arlington colonial (with the standard Arlington bump out)" I do wish there were more housing styles here, but I'm not willing to pay $2 mil for it, nor am I willing to leave Arlington. Many other things make up for the lack of housing variety around here :)

As for the squirrels, we just don't cut the pumpkins until right before Halloween. If we cut them earlier, then the squirrels go at them. I don't think we've ever had squirrel nibbling before the pumpkins were cut.

Scott T. said...

The squirrels go after the little (baseball sized) ones, but not the big ones

Sharon said...

Mine have been big and uncut (wow-that sounds pornographic), and the squirrels still go for them. Who knows?

kippi said...

That has to be the prettiest color of yarn ever. The sweater will be smashing!

Yay for the Halloween decor. I have nothing out. Pumpkins here would rot as it is still to warm. We have to buy/cut/carve within a three day window. That is funny that the squirrels will eat the pumpkins. Do they scatter the seeds as well?

Jeanne said...

I love that pattern and it is going to be gorgeous in that yarn. Great Halloween decorations!

Loren T said...

Thanks, Jeanne!

I finished the scarf, so I can get to work on that sweater today, if things work out.

Sharon (of the dirty mind), maybe you just have very aggressive, hungry squirrels? Once ours are cut, the squirrels and the chipmunks feast, but usually not before. Were you at the gas station on Lee Highway near the Safeway? That's where we got our pumpkins.

Sharon said...

Yes--that's where I got our pumpkins too. I got our mums there too--purple ones to match my door and shutters.

Have a great weekend. I've got 4 hour yoga workshops on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, with an out of town teacher who've I studied with on and off for over 10 years, so little knitting or crocheting will get done. I can't wait though. This teacher is so inspiring.

Loren T said...

That sounds like fun, Sharon. I get baseball and bike races, you get yoga. Clearly I'm not doing this right.