Monday, October 20, 2008

Scenes From a Monday Morning

6:00 am: My alarm goes off. Yuck. Also, the battery on a nearby smoke detector is going, so that adds another beep to the cacophony.

6:05 am: I stumble off toward the bathroom to take a shower. On the way, I step on something soft and squishy. Oh. Yarn.

Usually, when the cat brings me yarn, she makes all sorts of funny, chittery meowy sounds. I don't remember hearing any of those last night, so perhaps this is just a random re-placement.

6:06 am: It's not.

I don't quite understand the yarn transit thing. Does the cat want to bring me a gift she knows I'll like? Does she think the yarn is prey that needs to be subdued? Is she just messing with my mind? (That's not out of the question with cats.)

6:30 am: Attempt to get Sr. Jr. out of bed.

6:35 am: Attempt to get Sr. Jr. out of bed.

6:40 am: Final attempt to get Sr. Jr. out of bed.

7:20 am: Jr. Jr. is up and eating breakfast. Sr. Jr. is getting ready to leave for school. "It's very cold out this morning," I say. "Wear a jacket." "I don't care! No jacket!" says Sr. Jr., and dashes out of the house.

7:25 am: I go upstairs and discover that it's actually only 38 degrees F out. I call Sr. Jr.'s cell phone and make fun of him for not wearing his jacket. "I don't care! No Jacket!" he says.

7:30 am: Mr. T is still in bed, sleepy. "I hate this time of year," he says. "It's so cold and so hard to get out of bed."

7:31 am: Ponder smothering Mr. T.


I continued working on the scarf this weekend while watching the Redskins win (yay!). I'd say I'm about 2/3 of the way through this. Now I'm just grinding it out to get it done, and starting to ponder what to knit next. I'm very tempted by the Stefanie Japel's Simple Knitted Bodice. But part of me craves a really rustic yarn and some more cables, even though I just did both in the Back to School vest. I'll have to ponder some more.

Colin Powell Is My New Hero

Yesterday, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. His endorsement was eloquent, rational, and heartfelt. It expressed, in calm, measured tones, everything that many of us have been saying and thinking for a while now. He addressed the McCain campaign's negativity, and ridiculed the notion that jiggering the tax code constitutes "socialism." His words were even more powerful because of his long history with the Republican Party, the military, and the Bush administration. I was really moved by his endorsement and the explanations.


kippi said...

ha! I have to laugh that you were up a full 90 minutes and Mr. T was complaining? He should move here. We won't see 38 degrees until January or February.

Maybe your cat has been reading your blog title?

Sharon said...

I love that cat story. I think our cat is having a nervous breakdown of sorts. A neighborhood cat has been sitting on our back deck with her nose pressed against the back door, totally upsetting Maggie. She will no longer go outside. Lately, she "thinks" she sees a cat every time she catches her reflection in window, the oven door, or the bathroom mirror (she has taken to getting up on the edge of the tub to look at herself in the wall mirror). She starts to howl and hiss and pretty much fall apart. This has been going on for a little over a week now. It's really bad at night, when her reflection in every window and glass door is more pronounced. I feel like I've failed as a mother somehow--that her sense of self is so fragile that she's literally afraid of her own shadow. Just a little anthropomorphism there (and not a little projection too)!

Scott T. said...

I'm sure that you are all concerned, but for now, I am still alive. However, Loren's threats against my life are being taken seriously and the secret service is on the case.

sharon said...

Oh yeah--that threat on your life. Somehow progress on the scarf and Colin Powell's endorsement seemed more important. We'll get back to your case when the scarf is finished. (smiley face emoticon implied.)

Loren T said...

Gee, Scott, it doesn't seem like you're getting too much sympathy here :)

Scott T. said...

Your readership is badly biased, obviously (and apparently also blood thirsty)