Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Wait Is Over, with Debate Chat

OK, I'm not sure that anyone was really waiting for the big reveal, but I'm gonna give it to ya anyway, you betcha (wink). Here's what I'm knitting now:

Here's a bit of a close-up:

This is the Plum Lotus scarf, by Bad Cat designs (Rav link). I'm using Knitpicks Shadow in the Juniper color. This is meant to be a quick scarf, an accessory rather than a winter necessity. The pattern goes pretty quickly, and although there's patterning on both knit and purl rows, it's easy to do.

I know I just got a whole bunch of gorgeous laceweight from Yarn Chef, but I'm waiting for the right project for that yarn. Do you do that too -- "save" yarn for a special project, as if it's too good for something more ordinary?

OK. Debate Talk

I did, indeed, watch the debate last night. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised that McCain wasn't going as negative as he had indicated he would. That's not to say that I liked what I saw and heard from him, but at least he didn't sink as low as he was ready to go. How sad is that when I can be happy he didn't sink lower than he did?

McCain's whole demeanor was one of condescending impatience. It was as if he thought he was entitled to be President, obviously, so why did he have to go through all of this nonsense to try to convince people to vote for him? He's John McCain, dammit, a maverick! How dare we question him. When he was answering questions, the tone of his voice sounded like he was trying to explain things to kindergarteners. "You probably hadn't heard of Freddie Mac before a few weeks ago?" WTF? If I had been the guy who had asked that question, I'd be supremely insulted.

He also seemed, at times, to be channeling both Bush and Palin, vocally. At one point, I noticed that he was dropping his gs, a la Palin, and Mr. T cruised by at one point and asked why he was imitating Bush's raspy, breathy vocal style. Maybe he thought it was less aggressive. Other commentators said it made him sound old. I just think it made him sound false.

By the way, his grand new plan to have the government buy up mortgages on devalued houses and renegotiate terms with the owners isn't new or unique to him; a version of it is actually part of the bailout (oops, I mean rescue) plan.

He was moving oddly too, jerking around the stage and stalking around, even when Obama was talking. Was it nerves? Age? Anger? He clearly doesn't like Obama, not even bothering to hide it out of respect or some sense of propriety.

I thought Obama seemed calm, cool, and collected, again. For the most part, he answered the questions, seemed to connect with the questioner, and offered specifics, as opposed to McCain's "I can do this, I can do that" approach to answering. When McCain was speaking, he appeared to be listening respectfully. There was one question where I could see that he was grasping for an answer, kind of fumbling along (I'm not sure which question it was, perhaps the question about healthcare being a commodity). Otherwise, he seemed on target. His answer to the question about sacrifice was spot on, and resonated well with the audience.

But seriously, what kind of asshole is John McCain to refuse to shake Obama's hand after the debate? Is that the kind of man we want as President. Not me, no way, no how.

Last, but not least, shame on John McCain, for the depths his campaign is sinking to, in inciting so much hatred and racism that people at his rallies call Obama a terrorist and threaten to kill him. (The Secret Service is investigating.) And McCain's reaction is a fake wince and a satisfied smile, because he's getting just the reaction he wants, without having to utter a word of his own.


Sharon said...

I did watch the debates (well, all but the last 1/2 hour or so) and was very pleased with Obama's performance (which was not the case with his performance at Saddle Back, or whatever that church in California is named). For the most part, I thought he answered the questions straightforwardly, which was much more than one could say about McCain. Yes, some of the questions posed (to both candidates, to be frank) warranted responses that were necessarily complex and beyond the scope of a one minute time limit (like the economic situation, namely). That said, I thought Obama, much to my relief, actually attempted to respond earnestly to the questions posed. I would have liked to hear who he had in mind for Treasury Secretary in his cabinet, however, as that would bear on me directly!

I didn't really find McCain condescending, so much as vacant. But now that you've so aptly described his condescension, I can see what you mean. As I expected, he uttered a lot of platitudes. I also noticed the jerky movements and the weird way he held his body. I honestly think the man is not well (and I say that sympathetically). For no other reason, Republicans should think twice about him because of the Palin issue. I know a lot of Republicans and (much as I hate to admit this :-)), they are learned and discerning people. They have got to see what the backup plan actually means in the event of McCain's demise! I am embarrassed for all intelligent conservatives out there, that they are in the awkward (to say the least) position where they have to support her because they want to vote the ticket.

And I had the same reaction you did about his comment to the young man asking a question--that he had probably never heard of Freddie Mac. So insulting! Unfortunately, even Joe Sixpack has heard of Freddie and Fannie these days!

I do think that was you I spotted today. I was in the next line (parallel to you) in black dress clothes (synagogue all morning even though no white) feeling anxious about my 17 items in the 15 item line. There--I've confessed.
And you looked lovely, so not to worry about post bike ride rumpling.


Loren T said...


"Lovely," ha! You're sweet. Full of it, but sweet :) I won't report you to the Express Line police, I promise.

I didn't watch the Saddleback Forum, because I really object to the fact that essentially, there is a religious test to be President. I knew that if I watched, I'd get furious.

One debate comment I forgot to add in the post -- It cracked me up that McCain kept bringing up Joe Lieberman's name, as if that would somehow earn him points. Republicans can't stand him because they think he's a Democrat, and the Dems think he's a traitor. I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't consider McCain reaching out to Lieberman as "working across the aisle."


Jeanne said...

Love the lace! I only watched a few minutes of the debate - at this point, its the same old rhetoric. I am just shocked at how negative the McCain campaign has become (I don't know why I'm shocked since it happens every time but I thought he was different). And I can't believe how many lies that he and Palin just keep on repeating - terrible! I really can't wait for this to be over.

Sharon said...

And I'm sure Joe Lieberman is the only Jew Sarah Palin knows (and you can be sure she would have just met him). But invoking Lieberman's name is also , I'm sure, McCain's way of showing the American people that they have diversity on their side too. Yeah, the negativity is sickening at this point. Since McCain can't really attack Obama on the issues (because (1) he clearly doesn't grasp them all; and (2) most Americans agree with Obama on the issues), he has lowered himself and the party to the disgusting and flimsy attacks on Obama the person. I think I'll vote today and then stop watching any of this.

The lace is lovely. I have a baby blanket to finish, but I think I'll finally start on that "Bows and Arrows" lace shawl.


Loren T said...

Jeanne & Sharon,

I agree that the negativity is getting way out of hand. I'm waiting for someone in the Republican Party or someone close to McCain to call him on it, too. Where is Joe Lieberman now? What does he think of the race-baiting and the fear-mongering? I may not like the man, but I would think that he in particular would be frightened by what's going on at McCain/Palin rallies.

Luckily, it doesn't seem to be working, but it's really poisoning the well.


Sharon said...


Check out the new New Yorker "Talk of the Town"--written by all the editors of the magazine. I just read it, and it's a compelling summary.

Loren T said...


I read that last night! It was fantastic. I was so excited when I saw that this week was the Politics Issue. Lots of good reading ahead.


Sharon said...

Yes--I am behind in my New Yorkers and am reading them out of order, but this one goes to the top of the pile immediately! Loved that Roz Chast cartoon on the first couple of pages. That will go on my door at work (until I get told to take it down). :-)