Tuesday, February 24, 2009

By the Skin of My Teeth

Poor Jr. Jr. is sick. Headache, stomachache, fever, a little bit of vomiting. Now I feel kind of ooky too. I hope this doesn't last too long. My brother will be in town this weekend for a conference of some sort, and wants to stay with us to avoid paying for a hotel. I told him there was a foul sickness running through the house, but he doesn't care. On the other hand, I might care, because I may not be up to cleaning and entertaining, you know? We'll see how things go over the next few days.

I finished the first of my Wollmeise knee socks:

That's a stray nerf gun under the chair. Anyway, the socks are made for my size 8 feet and measure about 21 1/2 inches from toe to cast-off. The Wollmeise skein had an extremely generous 156 grams. The first sock?

78 grams. And the remainder of the skein?

78 grams. Whew! I could have decreased a bit more at the top of the sock, just under my knee, too, so if I feel like I'm running low, I can do that on the second sock to conserve yarn. The sock feels so nice and cushy. I can't wait to have a pair to wear.

In other news, Sr. Jr. took the VMLs, a math test consisting of word problems and other hard brain-teaser type questions and got the third-highest score! I'm very proud.

I'm waiting with eager anticipation the arrival of my Kindle. According to the tracking, it arrived at my local UPS depot at 8:30 this morning. It's not listed as "out for delivery" yet. Sometimes they just throw the packages on the truck without doing that, so you don't see the "out for delivery" message until the package has actually been delivered. I'm hoping that's the case now, and the Kindle will arrive today, not tomorrow.

I spent some time picking out books. A couple I bought outright, and with a couple more, I'm availing myself of the "sample the first chapter" option to see whether I'll want to read the books. I also went through some of the free options, picking up a translation of Dante's Divine Comedy, some of Boswell's Life of Johnson, some Thomas Hardy, and a T family favorite, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. I'd like it if I could download the New York Times on an individual basis, rather than subscribing. It might be possible, but I haven't explored that yet. This is going to be fun!

Edited to add -- It's here! It's charging. I'm in love.


Scott T. said...

You need to knit a pair of stockings (up over the knee at least) out of that stuff.

I'm still skeptical of the weight instead of length thing, but we'll see with the next leg

Sharon said...

Lovely sock. A pair of well fitted, cozy knee socks would have been just the thing these past two weeks, in this bitter weather.

Yeah! You got your Kindle. I can't wait to get the reviews.

Hope all feel better soon! Jacob's foot was indeed broken, so it's in a "boot" now. Urghh--I couldn't help myself; I had say "I told you so" that he would not let me take him to the doctor 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Work is crazy. Life crazier. Keep posting.


Loren T said...


Poor Jacob! How long does he have to be in the boot/off the track field?

Sharon said...

At least three weeks, but that's optimistic. :-(