Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pleasure and Pain

No pictures today, sorry, but I promise some boffo ones in a week or two :)

This morning I went to the dentist to get my first ever (and hopefully last ever) crown. I'm the wimpiest patient around. Nervous and completely afraid of pain. I haven't had a lot of it, so the anticipation of it is usually a lot worse than the actuality.

Right before I needed to leave the house, the gray screen of death went up at the Wollmeise site, which sometimes means that an update is imminent. I refreshed and refreshed, hoping that I'd be able to catch the update before I had to leave for my appointment.

I finally lucked out, getting some Sundig und Verrucht, some Petit Poison No. 5, some der Letzke Versuch (no picture available), and some Indisch Rot. So, even though I was nervous when I left the house, I was also very happy with my score. And the dental work wasn't bad at all, but then again, the novocaine hasn't completely worn off yet.

I'm moving along with my Alpine Frost Scarf. It looks like it did last time, only about four inches longer, so no photo. I'm enjoying working on this! I hope it stretches a lot when blocked, because it feels like I'm crocheting and crocheting and not getting very far. This is a nice break from knitting.

I've started the sweater I swatched for, but don't have enough done to justify a picture yet, so you'll be in suspense for a little while longer.

I was amused to see in the news that "Joe the Fake Plumber" is now officially advising the Republicans on fiscal policy. Oh, teh stoopid. Between this and the reports that the GOP really does see Sarah Palin as its future, I see a less and less relevant Republican party for a looooong time.

Sr. Jr. is home early today because of teacher meetings, so I'm off to watch some Blackadder with him as a treat.


Scott T. said...

You've worn the crown around Kenilworth Manor for years ;-)

Told you it wouldn't be so bad.

Glad you got your yarn

kippi said...

Good job on being brave at the dentist. :-)

Great yarn grab! I find it amusing that you stalk the Wollmeise. Very fun.

At one point the Dems thought people like Hilary and John Edwards were their future so things change. I wouldn't bet my hat on those two as being relevant.

Are you a political addict? (said with a smile)

Jeanne said...

Glad the dental work is over - always something to not look forward to. Congrats on the Wollmeise! Can't wait to see it.