Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Treats

Happy Valentine's Day to all, especially to my wonderful husband, the love of my life and my best friend :)

The cookies above were part of a bunch that I made for Jr. Jr.'s class party. Yum.

There was a wee bit of knitting. Wee. I finished the back and both fronts of the top portion of the Tilted Duster, parts of which can be seen here:

The next step is to sew them together, then pick up stitches around the bottom for the skirt portion of the sweater. I also knit a little bit more on the Wollmeise socks:

Not quite to the heel yet, but soon.

The boys have gone off to do some guy stuff, leaving me here alone. I can knit! Yay! I think that I will work on the Alpine Frost scarf, the one thing that I didn't work on yet this week. So, no knitting, but crocheting.

My father in law is out of surgery and seems to be doing well. The news was mixed, but we haven't heard form the oncologist yet, so we're still in a holding pattern as to prognosis or further course of treatment.

And so, after that brief update, I'm off to crochet...


kippi said...

those cookies look DELICIOUS! I want one.

Okay, please tell me how you are sure that sweater is going to fit if you knit it in pieces and then stitch it together. Have you ever pieced a sweater and have it not fit?

Your sock looks great. :-)

Scott T. said...

well, thanks babe, of course I'm seeing this kind of late after you wrote it.

The feeling is mutual obviously

Jeanne said...

The cookies look delicious! I hope you had a great weekend - beautiful projects!