Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Which I Keep My Promises... with Wollmeise

Right now I have my laptop on my lap, down by my knees. In front of the laptop, squishing herself in between the computer and my boobs, is my little cat Gabby. Her paws are all splayed over my right arm, making typing interesting. Between the cat and the computer, I'm very warm.

I told you a short time ago that I managed to snag several skeins of Wollmeise in the update that took place right before my dentist's appointment. Well, they arrived today, earlier than expected. Boy, are they luscious. It's extremely hard to photograph these properly. The deep violet keeps coming out blue, no matter what I do. I tried putting something blue next to the skeins, hoping that the camera would make the purple look purple in contrast to the blue, but it didn't work. So, here we go:

First picture is the colorway Sundig und Verrucht, which means, I believe, Sinful and Profligate:

That bluish color is actually violet. This yarn is unbelievably gorgeous. I'm in love.

Next up is Petit Poison No. 5 (dark version) and Der Letzte Versuch ("the last try"):

The color on that Petit Poison is pretty true, but the Der Letzte Versuch has that blue/purple problem again.

And last, but not least, is Indisch Rot (India Red):

Here they all are together, in an orgy of color brilliance:

Continuing in the theme of Wollmeise, I've turned the heel on my Baba Jaga sock, and am working my way up the leg. I plan to knit these nice and long:

And a better view of the yarn:

I've also been working on the Alpine Frost scarf, but it seems to grow very slowly:

And a better picture of the color:

At this point, I keep getting knocked offline, so I'm going to save this post and put it up quickly.


Scott T. said...

I can see the purple/violet in the picture

Sharon said...

Those colors are so deeply female--like the Dark Side of the Moon. I love them. (P.S.--you know you're old when your son thinks he has "discovered" Pink Floyd.")

Loren T said...

Sharon, last week J asked me if Jimi Hendrix "was any good." For a long time, I couldn't even listen to Pink Floyd because it came with so many memories and so much emotional baggage. I think I'm getting over that, though, and that's what makes me feel old.

Sharon said...

Well, I tend to think my son is perfect, but when he is not impressed with Hendrix (when he was your Jake's age, I tried to enlighten him), I come back down to earth. :-)

Hmm, you've intrigued me. Emotional baggage involving Pink Floyd? Oh, if our kids only knew ....

Loren T said...

Not impressed with Hendrix??? That's a tough one. I do tell my kids that I can recognize talent, even if it's not to my taste (most recently re: Springsteen at the Super Bowl).

Ooof. My kids will never know. There are reasons why I'll never run for public office.

kippi said...

HA! Your side discussion here is so funny. Hey, the rules of public office are now fast and loose, so you'd be okay now, I think. (grin)

Yarn is gorgeous! works in progress, as always look great.

Sharon said...

No public office for me either. My parents starting holding that over my head as soon as I started law school!