Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

It's a slow day here. Mr. T has gone off to Cali, to return late tomorrow night. The boys and I are just hanging out. In a bit, we'll head out to pick up some supplies for Sr. Jr.'s science project. Jr. Jr. is supposed to go to Winter Swim later, but he's been coughing and acting a bit under the weather, so I may keep him home, even though he's not running a fever. It snew* this morning, right in time for my traffic duty at the end of the boys' Sunday School session.

Yesterday we saw "Coraline," which was very good. Both Sr. Jr. and I had read the book. Sr. Jr. remembered it a lot better than I did, and could point out all the ways in which the movie differed from the book. We saw the 3D version. I don't think I've really seen a 3D movie in ages. The technology and the glasses sure have come a long way. In this case, the 3D really enhanced the viewing experience. Unlike other movies I've seen, it wasn't used for the sake of being used. The effects were integrated into the movie very well.

Visually, the movie is stunning, but that's to be expected from a Tim Burton film. He has a look that is as readily identifiable as any great master in a museum, doesn't he? Before the movie, they showed a preview for another film of his due out this summer, and within 10 seconds of the start, I knew it was a Tim Burton film, just from the visuals.

[Added edit: Akasha informs me that, contrary to all implications in reviews and elsewhere, Tim Burton was not involved with "Coraline." Credit should absolutely go to those who deserve it, so all the kudos should go to Harry Selick for this beautiful film. (Kinda undermines my idea that a Burton look is as readily identifiable as a great master, huh? Maybe that should be Selick, since he was also the one behind "Nightmare Before Christmas.")]

While "Coraline" is billed as a kid's movie, it is most certainly NOT for younger kids. I was concerned about Jr. Jr. in the movie, but he was fine. One family with younger kids got up and left the theater during some of the scarier/creepier scenes and didn't come back.

Yes, There's a Little Bit of Knitting

I've been using most of my meager knitting time to work on the Wollmeise knee socks. I stop every so often to weigh the remaining skein to see if I'm going to have enough to finish both without ripping back and making them shorter. The original skein was 156 grams, and after knitting to about 5" from where I want the socks to end, I have 102 grams left. Of course, this is the widest part of my leg, with several increase rounds to go. So, approximately 24 g left. I hope this works...

The problem with knee socks is they take so long.

I hope to have some time this week to knit, so I can have something more interesting to show you, but Magic 8 Ball says "Signs point to no."

Ravelers are good people. I know there can be a lot of drama in certain groups, but overall, I've found the people there to be very nice and generous. Two times yesterday, I had people offer to sell me yarn from updates that I had missed. In one case I had the yarn in my cart -- twice! -- only to have paypal prevent me from completing the transaction. A couple of days later, someone PM'd me that she had seen that I wanted the yarn. She had ordered some, but it turned out not to be to her taste. Later that day, after missing yet another Wollmeise update, someone else offered to sell me an extra skein of a colorway I was looking for! Makes me want to pay it forward when I can.

In other happy news, Amazon says it is preparing my Kindle for shipment! I realized that the Kindle will allow me to be able to read and knit at the same time because it is flat. I don't have to worry about flopping pages. I can also adjust the text size so that I can read without my glasses if I need to. And I can get the New York Times on it! This may be the best thing since sliced bread, as far as I'm concerned. Prepare for happy Kindle talk later this week.

* Ever since I was young, I've fervently maintained that the past tense of the verb form of snow should be "snew."


Sharon said...

Snew is a good word. Samantha and I (and a friend of hers)saw Coraline two weeks ago in Georgetown (for the full 3D effect). Jacob and I both read the book when it first came out (several years ago--I'm a Gaiman fan) and Sam is 1/2 through it. I thought the movie was very good (Sam liked it too!). I thought Teri Hatcher, doing the voice of the "other mother" was an excellent choice! The book was creepier, in my opinion, but the movie nonetheless did a pretty good job of capturing and representing the creep factor.

Busy day here too---Sunday school; then Sam went straight to Lacrosse practice. I swam (at Wakefield) while she practiced. Hard to get in the pool in the blustery weather!



akasha111182 said...

It's not actually a Tim Burton film :) It's a Henry Selick film, who also directed Nightmare Before Christmas. While Burton had a lot of input on NBC, a lot of the visual appeal etc comes from Selick and his team. Burton had nothing to do with Coraline.

Sorry, I don't mean to lecture or anything, but it's a mistake everyone, including reputable newspapers, seems to make with this film, and I just thought I'd clear that up. In other news, I love the kneesocks :) Those yarn colors are awesome.