Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love My Kindle (Yes, There's Knitting, Too)

First, a health update. Jr. Jr. is back at school, sounding a little congested, but overall much better. Sr. Jr. reports that kids are dropping like flies over at the middle school. I ran into a friend at the supermarket this morning who confirmed that by saying that her 6th grader was just back at school after a bad case of strep. Mr. T's father is back in the hospital, unfortunately. He had a fall in the bathroom last night that opened some of the areas in his lungs that had been healing. The tests so far show that the fall was not caused by a stroke or anything serious, which is good news. He did get to ride in a helicopter, but I don't think he was conscious. Also on the slip-and-fall injury list is BIL Robert, who, woozy on the Nyquil, fell and hit his head last night as well. My poor SIL is beside herself right now, with both her father and her husband in the hospital, while she's got the flu as well. So lots of late-night excitement, but luckily we think everyone will be ok.

Back in the rest of our lives, my Kindle is my new best friend. I love this little gadget passionately already.

I've already got over 20 books and sample chapters loaded up on it. I love the sample chapter feature! Not only can I test out a book to see if I really want to buy/read it, but I can use it as a kind of reminder about books I want to get, but don't necessarily want to pay for or read right now. If I read a review of a book I might like, I can download the first chapter, read it at my leisure, and buy the book whenever I want. Now I don't need all those tiny slips of paper with "to be read" titles that I'm always losing.

Sr. Jr. and I are reading The Graveyard Book together on the Kindle. The screen really does look like ink on paper, so easy to read. Kindle 2 had 11 grey shades, so the illustrations look pretty decent, too. I like that you can change the text size, so I can knit and read at the same time. I love the dictionary feature, which allows you to hover the pointer near a word and the definition will show up at the bottom of the screen. You can highlight text and take notes, too. It's intuitive to use and all the buttons are designed nicely. I think the buttons on the K2 are an improvement over K1, from what I've read. I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

[On a side note, I have to say that Sr. Jr. has been an absolute doll lately! This is very welcome after a rough patch back before Christmas that lasted for a month or two. He's been snuggly and helpful. He made us dinner the other night! I know it won't last, but I'm reveling in it for now.]

In knitting news, now that I've finished up the first Baba Jaga kneesock, I've started the second.

It will be a nailbiter waiting to see if my careful weighing gets me two matching knee socks.

I also sewed together the first little seams on my Tilted Duster in preparation for picking up the skirt stitches and knitting down. The pattern calls for knitting the sleeves first, but I haven't decided yet which I want to do next.

Yes, I know I still have the Alpine Frost scarf to work on.

Now that Jr. Jr.'s back in school, there's housework and shopping to catch up on, especially since my brother will be staying with us this weekend. I thought I'd have a nice quiet week to get some knitting done, but it hasn't really worked out that way. Next week is conference time, with two days off for the elementary students, plus appointments that got pushed to next week since I had sick kids home with me this week. Maybe in April I'll get some quality knitting time in, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

I'll leave you with a pretty picture of my Wollmeise, all lined up in a row:

From left to right: Indisch Rot, Terra de Siena, Digitessa, Petit Poison, Brombeere, Poison No. 5, Der Letzte Versuch, Sundig und Verucht (2), and Versuchkaninchen 2.

And finally, sending good thoughts and heal quickly vibes to Sharon's Jacob, who broke his foot and is itching to get better in time to salvage Spring track season.


Scott T. said...

great, you've jinxed us -- we're going to get sick and J will start being a typical "tween" pain in the ass.

I hope you and your "K2" will be very happy together.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the get well wishes for Jacob. He's pretty bummed.

Keep us posted on your father in law and BIL. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? And glad Jr. Jr. is back at school. So far (fingers crossed) it hasn't swept our house yet.

As for the Kindle, what else can I say that your comment about "now I can knit and read at the same time" doesn't cover? You are too funny!! You've made me jealous though--now I want one too. Jacob has studiously kept his away from me and takes it with him to school every day, so I never even see it (however, I do see the Amazon charges for all the books he orders and forgets to "check in" with me about first!) He's reading Paul Theroux's new book and loving it. Check out "Tenderness of the Wolves," my favorite 2009 read yet.

Stay healthy and well, T's.


Loren T said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, too, Sharon. I can understand why Jacob keeps his Kindle away from you. My boys are drooling over mine, asking when they can have one of their own. I checked out that book you mentioned and it looks like I'd like it, but it's not available on Kindle, and thus it's dead to me ;) (I used the "ask the publisher" feature though. I'm going to be a pest that way.)

kippi said...

Ah yes! The pesky "ask the publisher" button. I push it on almost all books I look at, even if I'm not that interested. So happy you love your kindle. Mine is my favorite piece of electronics.

Yarn is drooly goodness. Digitessa looks redder in your photo than in the kit-photo. What color would you say it is closer or brown?

Just because a kid is a teenager doesn't automatically put him/her in the p.i.t.a. category. And, really, don't we all have our moments?

Hope Jacob heals quickly. That stinks for that to happen in the middle of track season.

Sharon said...

Thanks Kippi!