Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Most Boring Blog in the World

I'm sorry for the lack of interesting posting lately. Unfortunately, there's been a lack of interesting knitting lately. I've done a couple of rounds on the Wollmeise sock and a couple of rows on the Tilted Duster. That's all. Let's see what kind of games I can play to spice things up here:

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

1. Place to be, other than home: Somewhere in the mountains. Give me a trail through the mountains, with some gorgeous views, and I'm a happy girl.

2. Favorite chocolate: Artisan Confections, or, when I'm feeling mass-markety, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

3. Favorite candy: Sweet Tarts.

4. Favorite thing to knit: Uh uh, not gonna go there. That would be like asking me which child is my favorite. I will cop to favoring wool and wool blends over plant fibers.

5. Favorite hot drink: A nice Assam tea (preferably from Upton Tea).

6. Favorite cold drink: Ice water. Nothing better.

7. Favorite food: Too many to list. Probably why I've gained some weight recently.

I'm running out of favorites. I have a hard time choosing one thing over another.

In other news, back on Dec. 1st I finally broke down and ordered myself a Kindle. At that point, they had a backlog of orders, so I was on a waitlist. As time dragged on, I wondered what was going on, especially since the time specified on the website was shorter than I'd already waited. I wondered if the rumored Kindle 2 was what was behind the long wait. When I heard that Amazon had scheduled a press conference for Feb. 9, I thought it would be to announce the new version. And they did! They emailed and said that since I was on the waiting list for the Kindle, I'd automatically get the new version, as soon as it came out. Yay! It doesn't look like they made too many drastic changes. Hopefully, this means it won't be buggy.

My Wollmeise shipped today, too. Last time, it took two weeks to get here from Germany. And the Kindle is due Feb. 25th. This means that I could very well get the Wollmeise and the Kindle on the same day, which just might be too much excitement for me to handle all at once.

On a more heavy-hearted note, my father in law is going in for surgery tomorrow, which will hopefully remove the latest little cancer nodule in his lung. His oncologist originally said that the nodule was not operable because of its location, but his surgeon is going to give it a shot. Apparently radiation is out, because this nodule is so close to the site of his last radiation. Mr. T is going to be with him for the surgery. I know that worrying about his dad is wearing on him.

I do hope to have some more interesting knitting pictures and progress for you soon, but I don't know when that will be, based on the current state of things. But I will take suggestions for blog topics to fill up the void, if anyone has some to share...


Jeanne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father in law - I hope everything works out well.

How exciting about the Kindle - I've been thinking about getting one...

Scott T. said...

Who is your favorite husband?

Favorite cocktail?

Favorite sport?

Favorite movie (top 3)?

Loren T said...

Good questions.

Favorite cocktail -- margarita, no salt.

Favorite sport -- to play or to watch? To play -- tennis. To watch -- tennis or football. (Not cycling, sorry.)

Top 3 movies -- Tough one. My favorite movies are not always the best movies I've seen, but ones I can watch again and again. Monty Python's oeuvre. Grosse Point Blank. O, Brother, Where Art Thou? I'm sure I'm leaving a lot of favorites out.

Favorite husband? Too early to tell ;)

Sharon said...

I will be sending good energy Scott's way. I really wasn't paying attention--too engrossed in my own life at the time and not living at home--to how my parents cared for their ageing and ill parents. My P's are good people, so I know they did their best. That said, I feel there is no role model or real road map for this stuff. Very hard.

I hope you like the Kindle. Jacob never leaves home without his, it seems. I haven't had a chance to even try it out, because he's always reading something on it (as my Amazon credit card will attest to) and takes it with him to school every day. He really likes it. Still, I came home from the thrift store the other day with some hard copy second hands: Strunk and White (a must have); William Styron's memoir on depression (don't know why the name evades me at the moment); a very old Paul Theroux (J is reading his most recent); St. Augustine's Confessions; and Gilead for me. Well, at least they werent' new!

Been thinking of you, Loren, and hoping life is going well. I've pulled myself out of my funk and feel centered lately. I think the nice weather helps!



Scott T. said...

favorite color?

favorite TV shows of all time (top 3)?

Favorite thing about current husband?

top movies: Dr. Strangelove; Chariots of Fire; I'd have to re-watch "Oh Brother" don't think it's top 3.

Loren T said...

Sharon, I'm glad to hear you're out of your funk. Me, not so much. I have a feeling that once I get my kindle, there's going to be a lot of whinging amongst the other members of the household to get one(s) of their own.

I do remember how my parents were with their parents as they aged. They demand a lot more than they gave, I can tell you that.

I can't wait to get the kindle, because I've not been buying books in the meantime!

Loren T said...

Hmmm. Don't really have a favorite color. All of them are beautiful in the right context.

Favorite TV shows, top 3? Doctor Who (new incarnation), Arrested Development, can't decide on a third, if only because I know I'll change my mind.

Favorite thing about current husband: I don't know, what'll you do to ensure that you stay the current husband?

Scott T. said...

Really, well, I'll keep that in mind

Sharon said...

He seems like a keeper, Loren, if only because he's cute. Also, your blog is NOT boring!! I love it.

kippi said...

Hope all is well with Scott's father. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

You know I adore my kindle. I use it every day. There only seems to be a a few minor changes between my version and the new one. Spring for the M-Edge cover, it is well worth it (if they have it for the new kindle).

Started a sweater yesterday and am halfway done with the body. And i didn't knit at all today. It is Liesl which goes really fast, although I am using much finer yarn. I think it looks better at a finer gauge.