Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little Bits

That's all I've managed to do. No real concentrated knitting/crocheting has gotten done in a long time, just a row here, a row there, while waiting in the carpool line or at the dentist's.

Here's a picture of the Alpine Frost Scarf, showing how long it's gotten. It's unblocked, so I'm sure it will open up quite a bit when it's done:

The flash didn't want to go off for this picture, so I apologize for the darkness. I've also been working just a little bit on the mystery sweater, which I will now reveal is the Tilted Duster:

For this sweater, you work from just below the bust up to the top, then sew the fronts and backs together and pick up stitches to knit down to the bottom. This is the back, armhole shaping completed, and on the way to the top. I'm using Berocco Peruvia in some red winey color.

I made a little progress on the Anne sock while waiting for kids in various locations:

I also decided that I'd better knit up some of my Wollmeise, just in case I hated it. If I don't like it, then I can destash some of what I bought. If I like it... I wound up my skein of Baba Jaga. Apparently Baba Jaga is a mythical (?) Russian witch. The yarn is very dramatically colored, with black, red and pink. I chose to use it because it's the one, quite honestly, that I like the least. I'm just knitting a plain toe-up sock. There's a HUGE amount of yarn in these 150 gram skeins, so I can knit knee socks if I want. If I love it, then I haven't wasted any of the colors I like more on a plain pattern, and can plan more interesting projects. At first glance, I wasn't sure how I'd like knitting with it. The yarn looks kind of ropy, with lots of thin plies wound together. But it feels a lot softer than it looks and knits up very nicely. It has a good amount of sproing and cushiness. Less wildly colored versions will have gorgeous stitch definition for more complicated stitch patterns. Here's what I've got so far:

This is the washed-out flash version. I took a picture without the flash, which is darker, but I think it shows a bit more of the color variation than the flash photo:

So that's it. Not very exciting, but hey, that's my life.

In the meantime, I found a sweater pattern that I really like. Obviously, it's going to have to wait until the Tilted Duster is done, but it's nice to have something that really interests me for a change. It's called the Apricot Jacket, by Rebecca. I ordered the pattern book. Let's see if I can translate German!

Otherwise, nothing much is going on here at all.


Scott T. said...

your links discriminate against non-Ravelry members

kippi said...

So do tell what your impression of the Wollmeise is! Honestly, it is not knitting up to what I thought it would look like.

I'm working on my first successful toe up sock. And you know what? I LIKE IT. stop the presses!! ha.

That is an interesting way to put together the tilted duster. It is a beautiful pattern and your color choice is great.

The Apricot Jacket is stunning. My guess is you will be able to navigate that pattern just fine.